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Slow news day heading into the holiday weekend- so why not make up something about Kristen Stewart? That seems to be what’s going on as most sites claim she was caught cozying up to the Hurt’s frontman Theo Hutchcraft at the Playstation Resistance 3 launch.

Sources at the event tell us that “didn’t happen” and that Theo and Kristen are most definitely not dating.

So what went down? And what has Kristen really been up to in London?

There was a “walk of terror” at the party, basically a real-life gaming experience (think haunted house) and we’re told Theo and Kristen were in the same group that went through.

However, the story we are hearing is similar to that originally reported by The Independent over in London, and that Kristen was just fine, and led the way in her group.

Quite the contrary to The Sun’s report that has some mystery quotes from Theo (where did those come from exactly?) saying he protected Kristen because she was so scared, and hurting Robert Pattinson by doing so.

Stewart has been hard at work filming Snow White and the Huntsman, and just briefly stopped by the event.

Kristen also took time to appear in Marcus Foster’s amazing new video! You know, one of boyfriend Robert Pattinson’s best friends? And Rob’s other BFF Tom Sturridge came up with the script for the video

After getting asked via email to appear in the video, Stewart “responded quickly” with a yes and hung with Rob’s boys last week in the UK filming the video! That certainly doesn’t sound like a couple that’s broken up to us.

We’re told filming over in London is on schedule, and once Stewart is wrapped she will go right into press for Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 with her actual beau .