Kylie Jenner: All Glammed Up for Sherri Hill Shoot! (PHOTOS)

Hi everyone. Just wanted to share some more pics from our Sherri Hill photo shootKendall and I got to wear the most AMAZING dresses and I’m so excited for you all to see how the final images turned out. I love getting glammed up with my sissy! So much fun :)

For more fun pics, videos and more, head over to Kendall & Kylie's official blog! 



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  • Suzannah

    You can tell by Saoirse's comment that these dresses are a little too over the top and a lot too sexy for their actual ages. What's that younger one doing at prom...isn't she still only 14?

  • Alicia Jo Boring
    Alicia Jo Boring

    get a life

  • Alicia Jo Boring
    Alicia Jo Boring

    you are gross and should be put on watch from the police for posting something like this .........they are very beautiful bit you are nasty they are young ladies ....

  • Alicia Jo Boring
    Alicia Jo Boring

    LOVE THIS!!!!! sure your mom will have this on her wall (smile)

  • Alicia Jo Boring
    Alicia Jo Boring

    i think its very cute kylie does look like shes falling but still so pretty.....kendall kudos to you seeing the show knowing how shy you are very beautiful......odessa ive never heard of u so who are you to judge them???? there great models and they soon will be everywhere

  • Felicia Schwall
    Felicia Schwall

    You Girls are very Beautiful. I think these pictures could have been better, the photo people didnt do a good job,but yall were great.

  • dave1001

    They are every guy's jerk-off fantasy!


    THEY SURE HASA GROWN UP...AND ARE VERY CUTE...My hello from Sao Paulo/Brasil

  • Noemi Servin
    Noemi Servin

    i love girl' jajja ok no jaa

  • Monica

    so pretty!

  • thehighstreetcrush

    I don't like the photo

  • audrey27

    i love how in some of these pictures you can see the industrial sized clip holding the dress on haha. love the pic tho.

  • audrey27

    how is it supposed to represent her nipple...? do you not see how shes being exposed to light and wearing sequence. im sure the photographer didn't say "hey lets make a refraction of light represent an oddly placed nipple"

  • olamide

    wow both of y'all luk cute. It runs in the blood.

  • Odessa. J
    Odessa. J

    They aren't very good models, Just because their so young and they don't it as seriously as they should. I'm a model myself and for your photos to be perfection you have to be perfection but set aside the serious side of modeling the picture of the two are beautiful. - Just my opinion.

  • chula

    i love kim i have no word for her prettynies she is so fucking cute i wish yah could make a show i promise i will be dere

  • Leigh Anne A Yelton
    Leigh Anne A Yelton

    These girls are beautiful!!!! Remind me of Khloe and Kourtney! Silly and gorgeous!

  • Cheyne

    That dress <3 omg

  • Natalie Leyden
    Natalie Leyden

    Absolutely gorgeous kendall and kylie you both look so pretty and natrual i wish i could look like you both <3 :) xxxxx

  • SIN

    Wonder how much their mom charger to use them by the hour? Kris obviously doesn't care that they are both under age. She will gladly pimp them out for money.

  • SIN

    2 for 1 !!! Kris Jenner is pimping out her 2 last duaghters 2 for 1!!

  • SIN

    That supposed to represnt her nipple?

  • ICEskater

    gorgeous dresses, so glamorous ♥

  • ICEskater

    gorgeous dresses, love them ♥

  • sachi

    Beautiful!! Kendall and Kylie take advantage of these oppurtunities that your family has as of right now. You never know, fame AND fortune and be gone in a heartbeat. God bless you and your loving family.

  • Dawn Fortier
    Dawn Fortier

    You young ladies are beautiful just stay true to yourselves and enjoy life to very nice photo,s.Your family is beautiful to .

  • loulou

    ew ur sickk!!!!

  • loulou

    ew ur sickkk!!!

  • johnmichael24

    Sexy bodies, and some nice lips. Here come some more hot kardashians to take over the family.

  • Saoirse Martin
    Saoirse Martin

    screw the cops I would lick their little pussies if I had the chance

  • Jenny Almeida
    Jenny Almeida

    two of my favorite pics

  • Jenny Almeida
    Jenny Almeida

    Luv it the dresses r amazing!!!

  • Catherine Bell
    Catherine Bell

    Both looking so much like your mama and sister! Gorgeous xoxo

  • Nora

    cutiess! love it

  • Trina

    Yep! But they're different beautys... Kendall is youger more kind her eyes are seductive but her smile makes her face more soft and adorable... Sara is older more like a bombshell, and she looks alot like Adriana Lima... Hope they get successful international careers

  • Sharon Flasher
    Sharon Flasher

    Beautful girls love it.

  • Natalia

    i love this pose!!

  • sunshine.

    They are naturals! I watched them on KUWTK on season 2 and they were so little and it wa only 3 years ago! Can believe how much they have grown! They're georgeous!

  • Jess

    Beautiful pic Kylie!!!

  • Jess

    LOVE the color!!!!!

  • Ali

    Kendall is mooooore

  • DRK

    Kendall Jenner & Sara Sampaio are the most beautiful teen models right now

  • Patricia mckoy miller
    Patricia mckoy miller

    U girls looking so fab

  • shyanne daye
    shyanne daye

    luv u kendle and kylie sooo prtty!!!!!

  • Mikaela Ailen Guzmán
    Mikaela Ailen Guzmán

    Kylie is sooo gorgeouss!!!!!!!!1

  • PaulyD's Wiffie
    PaulyD's Wiffie

    U guys look like twins here =O

  • PaulyD's Wiffie
    PaulyD's Wiffie

    You look beautiful Kendall such a lovely dress

  • norma

    They are soooo beautiful.

  • Samantha

    Keep it classy not trashy. You girls are cute

  • l. Carter-terry
    l. Carter-terry

    you girls grew up to be soooooooo damn pretty!!!!! Luv the show!!!! :-)

  • Tshidi Malabola
    Tshidi Malabola


  • ana blanco
    ana blanco

    Uou girls r grpwing up to be beautifil young ladies, o have 3 daughters myself and tjey r 14,15, and 16, there a handful.....!

  • Trish Alden
    Trish Alden

    Love the pink! Rock it!

  • Rachael Mondragon
    Rachael Mondragon

    You girls are gorgeous. Love the show. I'm glad that you two are so close and have so much fun together. *Rachael, SLC, UT*