Lady Gaga Goes Nude, Au Natural For Mini Music Video

Gaga's 'You and I'
Lady Gaga You and I
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Lady Gaga's 'Judas'
Lady Gaga Judas
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Lady Gaga shed her outlandish outfits in exchange for a makeup free, clothes-free look. The 25-year-old pop star released one of five of her mini music videos that shows Gaga like you've never seen her before, au natural!

The video is for her "Yoü and I" song but is titled “Haus Of U featuring Nymph." She announced the clip via Twitter, writing: 

"In collaboration with INEZ+VINOODH. The first in a series. Little Monsters, here's 'You and I: NYMPH'"
What do you think of the mini music video? Share your reviews in the comments!

Gaga made quite a scene at last weekend's MTV Video Music Awards when she showed up as her male alter ego. Smoking a cigarette, wearing a suit and a mullet type wig, Gaga — who referred to herself in the third person as Joe Calderone while presenting to Britney Spears - belted out an amazing performance of "You and I."



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  • asdfghjkl;'

    holy crap lady gaga is GORGEOUS without makeup!

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  • Stefan

    I'm hoping it will be semothing a little bit more edgy.. that she keeps with her personal style with the perfume. If its girly and floral and boring, I'm going to be DISAPPOINTED!

  • Culver

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  • brendacool

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  • Chris

    Lovely video, and I think the bitch who commented she had work done, is all wrong. Just ask her if she has work done. You are probably a tranny anyway. If you dont like her, then why watch it bitch. Go watch britney or bieber, your favorite. yea, you akame.

  • Nora

    beautiful! atleast now we know shes full female!

  • NotAFan

    and thank God for that

  • carpedog

    she isn't nude and is wearing makeup.

  • Toni

    BEAUTIFUL!!!! SHE'S BEAUTIFUL!!! Love Lady GaGa love her music she is awesome. Love it that she embraces herself as she is which it makes her so beautiful, love her. I know lots of people here are not a fan of her and will bash her on her looks, I'm pretty sure you all must look worse or feel worse about yourselves to picking on someone else's looks. Maybe I'm too old for this, but I guess not I'm just a person with an open mind and know that everyone is different and that is what makes you beautiful. I've been around along time, I'm 47 but I don't look it, I do have a daughter 30 yrs old, and seen alot with music video of all entertainers and let me say I've seen it all. Seen Cher, Janis Joplin, Madonna and just naming some I can remember(sorry alzimer, jk) the point is she is very creative, she goes all out and that is great, that is called an entertainer and she is great. It's ashame that people only goes for the looks or how she presents herself, and I gotta say you all got a lot to learn. She is beautiful. We are beautiful, like me, so what I got a bump on my nose, my teeth are big so I have big koolaid smile, ok no butt my family ancestors is Tainos and well little butt, but my is that we are all made differently, remember God don't make ugly and if you see ugly like I have seen it here the ugly comes out of the person whose talking or writing, that is the ugly that comes out not the looks, so lets all remember that. And remember WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Jesse Passwaters
    Jesse Passwaters

    What's up with all the haters? Let's just work our way up... Paul: "wait...Lady Gaga's a girl?" - an offensive failed attempt at being funny...why even bother paul? "...she looks like an alien...I don't like her as a person...her music is good" ... WTF? I doubt anyone of us knows "Lady Gaga" as a person. Think about it. "sorry..don't get it...she's unattractive"...I disagree. She's attractive and mysterious and she sings well. I know I'm basically hating on what's the difference? Regardless...why do people have to hate? Why not just refrain from commenting if you're going to just cut someone down for the sake of having nothing better to do? FYI, I'm not a lady gaga fan but there is no doubt she is legit, attractive, and an excellent musician / performer. Undeniable.

  • Paul

    Wait... Lady Gaga's a girl?

  • danielleakame

    she looks like an alien. and you can tell she has had work done. look at the before and after pictures. and she needs to give Donald trump his hair back. i don't like her as a person in general, but her music is good. glad she didn't wear a meat dress

  • Tony

    Sorry I don't get it. She is very unattractive. Hate her voice and she has funky eyes. Sorry Lady Gag!

  • Marissa Blaine
    Marissa Blaine

    i still dont understand why she has to go all out or wear absolutely nothing.

  • Aicha

    Never thought I'd see the REAL Lady Gaga. But I'm glad she finaly showed herself.