What Does it Take to be an ‘America’s Next Top Model’ All Star? (VIDEO)

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The hit CW series America’s Next Top Model is back and better than ever! This time the show is featuring an “All-Star” cast, but what exactly does it take to be an ANTM all-star?

If you’ve caught any of the seasons of America’s Next Top Model, we’re guessing there was a contestant that you wanted to stick around simply because she had an awesome personality. If we’re right, then this season was made for you! The judges are looking for something a little different this time, overlooking typical model traits and giving attention to the girls that have “celebrity potential” with their charming personas. Sounds like a battle of congeniality!

Check out this video clip of Andre Leon Talley who shares exactly what it takes to be an all-star, and be sure to check out the premiere of America’s Next Top Model: All Stars  on the CW, September 14th!