What Does it Take to be an 'America's Next Top Model' All Star? (VIDEO)

The hit CW series America's Next Top Model is back and better than ever! This time the show is featuring an "All-Star" cast, but what exactly does it take to be an ANTM all-star?

If you've caught any of the seasons of America's Next Top Model, we're guessing there was a contestant that you wanted to stick around simply because she had an awesome personality. If we're right, then this season was made for you! The judges are looking for something a little different this time, overlooking typical model traits and giving attention to the girls that have "celebrity potential" with their charming personas. Sounds like a battle of congeniality!

Check out this video clip of Andre Leon Talley who shares exactly what it takes to be an all-star, and be sure to check out the premiere of America's Next Top Model: All Stars  on the CW, September 14th!

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  • TDSE

    Run Down of the All-Stars here: http://tuitionatwork.blogspot.com/2011/08/antm-cast-rundown-shannon-stewart-and.html