The Kardashians' Krazy Summer Timeline (PHOTOS)

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Kardashian and Jenner family cover Katy Perry. Watch »

2011 has been quite the eventful year, but nothing beats the wild and crazy summer that the Kardashian and Jenner klan has had!

We all love to keep up with the whole gang on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but there are many Kardashian events that we haven't caught on the show. That's why Celebuzz has put together the best summer photos of our favorite reality television family for you all to enjoy!

From their new clothing line launch to the wedding event of the summer, take a look through the gallery above and relive the Krazy Kardashian Summer with the lovely ladies (and the men who adore them)!


Keeping Up with the Kardashians airs on Sunday nights at 10 pm on E!.


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  • Stef

    Chubby Girl!

  • C'mon

    of course he has make up on.. if you are famous and you are going in front of cameras, you have make up on.

  • Mohamed Hamza
    Mohamed Hamza


  • Amber Jane Bisset
    Amber Jane Bisset

    Aww how grown up is mason he is gorgous x

  • Amber Jane Bisset
    Amber Jane Bisset

    Love the outfit so down too earth :) xx

  • melanie

    does he have make up on?

  • S.C.

    Kendall's definitely the prettiest.

  • Nicole

    can't believe all the things Lamar's daughter was tweeting the other day, WOW! stuff like Khloe's marriage to Lamar is fake... Her acct. has since been removed, but Lamar said something like - I know my daughter better not be up this late tweeting...I'm sure she recv'd a call from him!

  • Nicole

    humpy needs a stylist

  • Nicole

    I like Scott & his c0cky attitude

  • Nicole

    couch potato

  • Nicole

    I'm not really a big fan of any of them, but I must say, Khloe keeps it real, no fakeness with her, and I also believe her marriage WILL many ppl have said it won't, but it seems real. Her baby talk does irritate me me a bit though.

  • Barbie

    Yeah and we can see already how shes gonna look in her 50's lmao

  • Lorena Smith
    Lorena Smith

    love you all. scott and kourtney are my favorites. scott keep away from rob. he is trouble for you.lsmith

  • michelle777beeks

    u all are so funny and down to earth!!!love khole and lamar alittle more!!they are just so freaking funny!!kim is a sweetheart.and kourtney is just a blast to watch to!!her little boy is such a cutie!!!kris and bruce are alot of laughs to!!every sunday i watch you all!!!i wanna wish u all the best of luck with whatever u decide do!so far uve had plenty o of it!!!so happy for u guys!!cant wait to get to sears and check out ur collection!!!best of luck to u kim and kris on starting a family!!!cant wait to see the wedding on E!!!!!

  • brikate13

    What the heck is Rob wearing?!?!?!

  • dawn

    Love ur show and kolie and lamar cantwait to see new ones have seen all repets about 5 times each. Keep it up

  • Val

    Love the outfit and love Chloe :)

  • Nora


  • Nora


  • Nora

    and the women

  • Nora

    the men

  • Nora

    Haha i love her oldfashion style! soo pretty

  • Nora

    The big ones

  • Nora

    and the tiny ones

  • Nora

    looks like her weeding dress!

  • Solene

    I LOVE THE KARDASHIANS! but Kim should NOT have done that video. Ridiculous. Check out my brother’s first music video if you can he is just trying to start out and he is so goddamn talented. :)

  • Gianne

    Wooow Kendall is a younger version of Kris they look soo alike

  • Jessica

    Kendall looks like an angel soooo pretty


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