What Was Your Favorite 2011 Summer Movie?

Summer has come and (almost) gone, but the memories will last a lifetime -- especially if they were formed in the movie theater! Any good can be watched again and again, and this summer didn't disappoint in terms of variety. 

Whether you went to see a classic rom-com, like Justin Timberlake and Mila KunisFriend with Benefits or a super-hero flick, like Ryan ReynoldsThe Green Lantern, we want to know your fave!

Take a look through the gallery, and let us know your pick for the best summer movie in the comments.

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  • missunderstood

    Oh definitely FWB I watched it 3 times,patiently waiting for the dvd :-)

  • chanel500

    And my heart goes to... The Hangover II & Harry Potter :)

  • Val

    end of my childhood. literally. turning 17 soon :( will be missed

  • PariVish JOj Zb
  • kay22

    Black Swan is the best movie, for me, so far.

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