Battle of the Hot Adams! (PHOTOS)

We can’t help but notice a coincidence between four of Hollywood’s hottest talents!

Two actors and two musicians that all seem very different except for one characteristic — their first name!

Let’s take a closer look at the competition:First in line is Mr. Adam Brody. Known for dating other hollywood hottie Rachel Bilson, this California dream stole hearts all over with his hit role in The O.C. and in various other acting gigs. 

Secondly, is Adam Lambert, who stunned the country with his edgy boldness on the eighth season of American Idol, and released his first album in 2009.

Next, we have Adam Scott. The charming actor is  known for many roles including the hit comedy film Step Brothers, and TV series Parks and Recreation

And last but certainly not least, Adam Levine, lead vocalist for Maroon 5, who captures attention everywhere he goes with amazing voice and undeniable good looks.

Who is the hottest? You’ll have to vote and help us out! And while we’re at it, let’s check out some more hotties with a moniker that starts with A below!