Battle of the Hot Adams! (PHOTOS)

We can't help but notice a coincidence between four of Hollywood's hottest talents!

Two actors and two musicians that all seem very different except for one characteristic -- their first name!

Let's take a closer look at the competition:First in line is Mr. Adam Brody. Known for dating other hollywood hottie Rachel Bilson, this California dream stole hearts all over with his hit role in The O.C. and in various other acting gigs. 

Secondly, is Adam Lambert, who stunned the country with his edgy boldness on the eighth season of American Idol, and released his first album in 2009.

Next, we have Adam Scott. The charming actor is  known for many roles including the hit comedy film Step Brothers, and TV series Parks and Recreation

And last but certainly not least, Adam Levine, lead vocalist for Maroon 5, who captures attention everywhere he goes with amazing voice and undeniable good looks.

Who is the hottest? You'll have to vote and help us out! And while we're at it, let's check out some more hotties with a moniker that starts with A below!



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  • Adair Lane
    Adair Lane

    I see nothing at all sexy about Adam Levine - I don't get why he was even included here. He is no competition for Adam Lambert, hands down the sexiest man alive. Lambert is also beautiful on the inside, kind, generous, humble - all those good qualities Levine is without. No one disputes that Lambert has the far better voice too - Levine's is just weak and pitiful. Levine's personality is also not attractive - on The Voice, he is totally full of himself and it's not fun to watch his battles with the other judges/mentors. Adam Lambert is the Total Package and especially THE SEXIEST, with or without makeup, it doesn't matter.

  • Adair Lane
    Adair Lane

    OMG, in what dark world ? there is nothing sexy about Levine. He thinks sexy consists of taking off his shirt to show his not very attractive chest and torso. He is totally unaware that sexy comes from within. He is not even in the same league with Lambert who is the sexiest man aiive! Beautiful and sexy both inside and out. Lambert's voice is also far superior to Levine's. Lambert also has sexy moves onstage, while Levine tries but does not succeed. Lambert is breathtaking while I wouldn't give a second glance to Levine if he were walking past me. Ugh

  • Dorsa joulaei
    Dorsa joulaei

    HÖT and $£XY

  • J

    Excuse me. I was replying to Debi C. (Typo, should be: ...a non-issue...)

  • J

    You're wrong. I like them both. This is a "none-issue" discussion. Each Adam has his own unique gifts/looks. Does not have to be either or. I'm sure they will survive without 100% of the world liking them--and thankfully the world keeps right on revolving without those who don't care for either Adam.

  • DANA Martin
    DANA Martin

    LAMBERT !!!!!! YES ! YES !

  • Juggler

    ADAM LEVINE BABY!!!! Everyone knows he's so dang HOTT. AND SEXY!!! (; I freakin LOVE Adam Levine! He's got it all, prpbably only man I will ever love covered in tattoos and looking sexy everywhere and a sexy voice. More like sexy everything.

  • Laurianne Dinucci
    Laurianne Dinucci

    ADAM LEVINE ALL THE WAY. He ROCKS, he's SEXY, FAMOUS ... and even did good actions for cancer awarness. Adam Lambert looks like a punk kid that takes heroine, the two others are less hot than my TEACHERS.

  • Glambert from Planet Fierce
    Glambert from Planet Fierce

    Adam Lambert ALL the way ! The hottest guy ever ! Incredible voice, sexy body and extremely nice ! Adam Levine's cool, but ADAM LAMBERT'S SEXY !!! Hwat raaawr ;)

  • Loveadamseyes

    This wasn't even a fair contest!! Adam Lambert hands down is the Sexiest Man on the Planet not just of the Adams! Adam Levine has a very pompus, nasty attitude~Not Sexy at all!! Adam Lambert is the total package!! By the votes, I'd say the "people have spoken"!!

  • Rosa Morales
    Rosa Morales

    Adam Lambert is the hottest no doubt abut it and his talented and personality makes him more hot than anyone. I love you Adam.

  • Glambert

    Is this a serious question,or a jest?Adam Lambert is the hottest,wittiest and most adorable man I have ever seen.

  • Kelsay!!!!!!


  • Pam

    Adam Lambert, to me, is just HOT. And he can actually sing. He also has a beautiful personality and spirit. Adam Levine is my second choice. Although he's a bit of an ass and he's not a great singer, I do like Maroon 5.

  • caroline

    off topic but I would like to say congrats to Adam Lambert for winning Hungarian Grammy for Int'l modern pop/rock album of the year.. All those men up there look mighty sexy to me!! I'll pick two and their initials are A.L. lol

  • mickey

    one word.......thud

  • katie

    love Adam's look here. He was a presenter and also a nominee.He presented with Rose McGowan that night and she looked beautiful too. Sauli was sitting with Adam in the audience and was laughing and having a good time.

  • GeralynK

    My vote goes to Adam Lambert. While the others are attractive, Adam radiates sexy! His bonus is the positive, loving energy he emits where ever he is. His vocal talent & showmanship are a breath of fresh air, in this industry filled with pop clones.

  • Dawn La
    Dawn La

    Thank You Katie.. It's fun :)

  • Valentina Byn
    Valentina Byn

    Adam Lambert. The end. He is the most amazing singer not here, but everywhere. PLUS what I´ve seen of his personality on interviews, talkshows, etc...just perfect. I can proudly say Im part of the Glamily ♥

  • Sebastián


  • Stephanie

    Adam levine is the hottest! He is soo sexy

  • katie

    those designs or figures you young girls can do on the keyboard are exceptional. thumbs up!!

  • Dawn La
    Dawn La

    That's so pretty !!! :) Yay Adam!!!!!

  • Paraschiva Calin
    Paraschiva Calin

    i go for LAMBERT :P not just because i think he`s the hottest, but he`s also the most talented, in music and also in acting! :D

  • marie

    When is this contest over? I don't see any rules anywhere. thanks!

  • Anna Zarbano
    Anna Zarbano

    ---─(♥)(♥)(♥)────-----(♥)(♥)(♥) ──(♥)██████(♥)(♥)██████(♥) ─(♥)████████(♥)████████(♥) ─(♥)██████████████████(♥) ──(♥)██████ADAM███████(♥) ────(♥)███LAMBERT███((♥) ──────(♥)████████(♥) ────────(♥)████(♥) ─────────(♥)██(♥) ───────────(♥) ╔╗ ╔╗ ║║ ║║╔═╦╦╦═╗ ║║ ║╚╣║║║║╩╣ ╚╝ ╚═╩═╩═╩═╝♥ADAM LAMBERT♥

  • Dawn La
    Dawn La

    ♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█ ♥█▓█♥█▓█♥ ADAM LAMBERT !!!!! ♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█ ♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█▓█♥█

  • Amber

    Adam Levine!!!!!!!! He is beyond gorgeous!!!!!!

  • Elis

    Adam Levine !!!!!!

  • naymi

    Adam Levine hands down the best of the best, either Adam or not Adam. I've quite the obsession for this guy<3

  • Gina

    Adam Levine hands down! There isn't any competition here, he's definitely the hottest!

  • cammy

    I voted for my fave guy Adam Lambert but that picture of Adam Levine with his ding dong almost showing was pretty sexy too, I have to admit.

  • Kalesia Yates
    Kalesia Yates

    How do you vote for this catastrophy!!! Adam Lambert really?!?!?!?!?! Adam Levine is 307475047095740957405740275x sexier on his ugliest day!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heather

    Adam Levine all the way! None of the others look remotely sexy to me, sorry. :P

  • Lorelei

    ADAM LAMBERT is definatly the sexiest!

  • EvelynAguilar

    I agree with a lot of you...there is no competition here, Adam LAMBERT is the hottest, sexiest, sweetest, most talented entertainer!!! I love that man!!

  • Barb

  • Barb

    Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but to anyone that doesn't see who is the sexiest is blind. I'm not familiar with the other two Adams, although one of the actors does seem familiar. Suppose that says something about the impact of their seXiness factor. This has become a contest between two Adams which really isn't a contest at all!

  • lebau132

    Adam Lambert wins the contest of sexiness. He exumes sexiness and is unabashed in showing it. Totally confident in the way he carries himself. He has great style. Adam is super talented and charismatic. To see him perform live is breathtaking. Attending one of his concerts (11 to count) is an experience. The room is electric. He leaves people wanting more. I am very happy for his success.

  • Dawn La
    Dawn La

    Sexiest Man I've Ever Seen !!! [img][/img]

  • Kitty Willis
    Kitty Willis

    This is sexy!!! The word is sexy people!! [img] Lambert 4-200_350.gif[/img]

  • redglitter

    No contest....ADAM LAMBERT all the way!!

  • redglitter

    No Contest...ADAM LAMBERT, or course! (Does Adam Levine know who he is now?....just wondering!)

  • funbunn40

    Adam Lambert is exceptionally talented, gorgeous and so generous and complimentary to other entertainers. Not an envious or mean spirited bone in his fantastic body. He has my vote and admiration. He's also areally nice, down to earth guy.

  • Betty Lambert
    Betty Lambert

    Adam Lambert is the best Adam!

  • Joshua

    Adam Lambert's voice and vocal range is off the charts!

  • SUZ


  • Carla

    Adam LAMBERT has the moves like Jagger! (ironic, isn't it? )

  • Carla

    Lambert is the hottest not just of all Adams, but of all men in the world! He is sexy AND cute, hot AND sweet, masculine AND feminine. Very classy, very smart and very talented.

  • Ines GlamMarsian Chaffai
    Ines GlamMarsian Chaffai

    the definition of HOT has a picture of ADAM LAMBERT under go sexy man!! Adam Lambert All The Way <3<3<3 [img][/img]

  • Teddy

    Only one Adam is truly inspiring - Adam Lambert of course.... see Kay Chittenden's photo! Then see the totally of charity dollars (Pounds, etc) raised by his fans... and the dedication with which they throw themselves into causes. The other Adams, are just transparent simulacra.

  • Pam

    Adam Lambert there's no contest! He is gorgeous!!

  • Laurie Pesanski Wygonik
    Laurie Pesanski Wygonik

    I actually work 10 hour days plus caretake my Mom who lives with me, my husband and two boys. So I have lots to do. I also have a blog, LOL-Psychic and I am putting the finishing touches on a product that will inspire many others as much as Adam Lambert has inspired me. Adam Lambert fans don't spend time voting because they have nothing to do. We do it because he is "inspiring".

  • mzerry83

    Adam Lambert hands down. Nobody can touch him!! :)

  • Laurie

    Adam Lambert is the hottest! Amazing voice, talent and person! Beautiful in every way. Sexy man!

  • 80s_and_sunny

    Adam Lambert is the sexiest, most stunningly gorgeous man walking the planet. That is all.

  • zigzag

    No one is sexier, no one is sweeter, & no one has the mind blowing range & extraordinary voice that Adam Lambert has.

  • Rosanna

    Without any doubt, ADAM LAMBERT. He has an amazing voice and is he sexiest of the four. Plus he is honest and genuine and has great fashion sense.

  • eydie

    There is only one Adam as far as I can see, and that is LAMBERT. No one else is as caring and giving as Adam Lambert. Everyday he has put himself out there for gay and lesbian community to be accepted. I never saw any other celebrity brave enough to do that.

  • Laurie Pesanski Wygonik
    Laurie Pesanski Wygonik

    ADAM LAMBERT described in one word, "IT".

  • Majo Tomas
    Majo Tomas

    I vote for the one with the best voice -- Adam Lambert!

  • Laurie Pesanski Wygonik
    Laurie Pesanski Wygonik

    You need the last name of which Adam you love in the center of your heart. Is it "LAMBERT"? Everywhere he is discussed we know who "Adam" is. On this site there are 3 others that share nothing but a first name. LOL

  • Svetlana Gibbs
    Svetlana Gibbs

    Sorry, I late for voting!

  • Svetlana Gibbs
    Svetlana Gibbs

    Only one Adam with amazing voice Adam Lambert!!!

  • Isabella Glambert Lambliff
    Isabella Glambert Lambliff

    Adam Lambert *.* <3<3<3

  • Fireshadow1328

    Adam Lambert. No one else.

  • Cullen

    OMG god He's SO hottttttt....... can't get off my mind LAMBERT

  • Rebecca

    Adam lambert is soooo hot !!!!!!!

  • John

    Adam Lambert. Adam Levine is uptight. The others, are OK and nice. But Adam Lambert - another league.

  • jay duffy
    jay duffy

    Adam Lambert, without a doubt. Sexy looks, attitude, personality, mind, and voice.

  • Adamfan

    I like Adam Levine's songs but love Adam Lambert's sexiness when he sings or walks or talks or ...

  • Lady El
    Lady El

    sorry, Adam Lambert is the hottest looking, has the best voice, no one has a range like him, NO ONE and he is a genuine nice person. He is class and grace as well as HOT!

  • Roni

    Adam Lambert is what sexy means, and he doesn't have to take his shirt off to prove it! He is yummy and the whole package, he is the one with the vocals to die for!!!

  • Jordana Greyson
    Jordana Greyson

    I like Adam Levine but sexy not a bit. Adam Lambert moves and sings in a way that is just impossible to resist. Sexy as hell with so much talent. I love the guy.

  • lisa

    Adam Lambert is sexy as hell and has a amazing voice.

  • kitty

    omg I hope this dumb poll is over with fast.

  • LambertsLabelle

    I only see ONE hot Adam...;)

  • Rachel

    um, really? there is no contest at all. one adam wins in every category imaginable. ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charity Leigh Macomber
    Charity Leigh Macomber

    Adam lambert is the hottest fiance i know & love very much & Adam & Sauli are just friend so all you fans can deal with fact that i have 60,000 dollar engagement ring from Adam. Love from Adam fiance. Charity ( Mrs Lambert)

  • Jocie

    Obviously Adam Lambert! He's sex on legs ;)

  • sparkles

    I've always thought Adam Levine was sexy, but Adam LAMBERT is the sexiest ever to me. Adam Lambert has stunning, classic good looks, gorgeous blue eyes, a sinfully delicious mouth, I could go on & on and then his out-of-this-world voice, talent and personality - he's is sexy and beautiful inside & out! Never heard of those other two Adams.

  • Janet Marie Bilicki
    Janet Marie Bilicki

    You are so right Jully. You could find Levina at a carnival. He sings ok, but doesn't have the vocal prowess of Lambert. I don't really care about looks, but Lambert has the voice and personality.

  • epcool77

    woops had some typos hahahahaha im like dying of laughter right now….you actually think levine is sexy LMAO AHHHHAAAAHHHAAAA…thats just really funny. oh god thats hilarious. and the things u said about adams fans has me on the floor legit! you should be come kind of comedian glamberts forever <3

  • epcool77

    hahahahaha im like dying of laughter right actually think levine hes sexy LMAO AHHHHAAAAHHHAAAA...thats just really funny. oh god thats hilarious. and the things u said about adams fans has me on the floor legit! you should be come kind of comedian

  • kaytee

    Adam Lambert looks great with or without the glam. That's the beauty of him. He changes it up. No one is sexier than he is. His fans are just as busy as everyone else,but we MAKE time to support him. I don't trash anyone else's guy. These polls don't change anyone's mind, so no need for nastiness. Vote for your favorite!

  • Loveadamseyes

    The winner here is the TOTAL PACKAGE, Adam Lambert!! No contest people, NO CONTEST AT ALL!!

  • TJ

    adam brody all the way

  • Netmeg99

    hahahah that's so funny since you are right here voting too.. so I guess you have nothing better to do either.. Adam's fans support him always.. We believe in him. Adam is Sexy on the inside which makes him Sexy on the outside no matter what he wears.

  • Random Medley
    Random Medley

    I guess I'm one of those glamazons or whatever derogatory name you wanted to give me. I guess I came across this blog the same way you did and voted for the Adam I think is sexiest. I don't have any need to call you names for your opinion. Lambert is my pick. Brody is cute but not sexy. I had more respect for Levine before he took pictures with his shirt off. That was just sad. Nothing wrong with his body just kind of crass in a semi-porn classless kind of way. And by the way, i have plenty of things to do. I wouldn't mind hearing them sing together but hope they keep their shirts on. Scrawnie,skinny,hairy guys don't "do it" for me.

  • Netmeg99

    Adam is Sexy Glammed up or None at all

  • 2centsally

    The first Adam looks like a math teacher circa 1975. The third Adam looks like a bobble head doll. Levine looks unkempt and scrawny. Lambert's stature and bone structure are classically handsome, his style irreverent (which I find very appealing), and his smile can illuminate a room.

  • Netmeg99

    Adam is Sexy Glammed up or None at all [IMG][/IMG]

  • Jean

    Debbie, has to be a jealous hater in every poll! Adam Lambert doesn't miss you!!! Lev is a pompous ASS!! No style at all!! Not memorable at all to me!!

  • Debi Collins
    Debi Collins

    I have seen Adam Lambert and even voted for him during Idol...haven't paid a bit of attention to him since and didn't buy his album... Adam Levine is beautiful...inside and out...has the most fabulous voice as well as being multi-talented in so many other ways. If anyone should be running the merry go round, it would be Bert... I came on here out of curiosity and now I'm done :-) Those that love Adam Levine will Never agree with those that love Bert...

  • Allie

    What? We have nothing better to do? What are you doing on here. You obviously have never seen Adam Lambert.. He's beautiful with or without the Glam. Truthfully...Levine looks like he should be running the merry go round at your local carnival... that's how sexy he is...pfffffffffffffft

  • Dharmi Norton
    Dharmi Norton

    Adam Lambert is the total package, he can sing like no other,super talented singer and performer. He is charming and witty with great personality. He is kind and generous and a very loyal to his friends and family. He is good looking with style of his own. he is one of a kind in talent and looks and style. NO OTHER ADAMS COME EVEN CLOSE TO ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!

  • Debi Collins
    Debi Collins

    This is a joke right? Adam Levine is so far beyond "bert" in the sexy department it isn't even funny!! No eyeliner needed...just pure, natural hotness!! And don't be fooled...just because the glamazons unite to vote doesn't mean he's sexier...just means you have nothing better to do lol...

  • Allie

    Adam Lambert is by FAR the most breathtakingly beautiful man to ever walk this earth. He has Sex Appeal the others only dream about having. And his one can touch him..NO ONE !!!!!!!!!!!! He needs no Glam ..he needs nothing extra...HE WAS BORN GORGEOUS !!!

  • Imnotskerd

    Adam Lambert....he's in a whole different league!:)

  • Jennifer Mary
    Jennifer Mary

    ADAM Levine tries to be hard to be sexy.. That is the most ridiculous thing IVE EVER HEARD.. There is sex coming out of every pore of Adam Levine. He could give Adam Lambert lessons on how to be sexy.. And he doesnt need all the "glam" hes straight up beautiful.. nothing extra needed..

  • Kay Chittenden
    Kay Chittenden

    Levine is just a flickering ember compared with the white hotness of LAMBERT ! [img][/img]

  • Netmeg99

    _________ADAM♥ADAM♥____________ADAM♥ADAM♥ ______Adam♥Adam♥Adam_______Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥ ____Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam___Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam ___Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥Adam♥Adam♥♥♥______Adam♥ __Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥♥_________Adam♥ _Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥______Adam♥ _Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam______♥ Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥♥__♥♥♥ Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥♥ Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥♥ _Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥ __Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Ad♥ ____Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥ ______Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥A♥ _________Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥Adam♥Adam♥♥ ____________Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥Adam♥ ______________Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥♥ _________________Adam♥Adam♥Adam♥ ___________________Adam♥Adam♥♥ _____________________Adam♥ ______________________Adam _______________________♥♥

  • kissdqueen

    Adam Lambert has the most magnificent voice and charisma by a landslide in comparison to Levine. No doubt Levine is talented and has some catchy tunes, but IMO he trys to hard to be sexy, whereas Lambert oozes sex appeal au naturel, not to mention he's a real mensch, something of which often alludes Levine.

  • Peony

    Adam Lambert is the only one I know, would want to watch and listen to. Maybe because I am not in the US. The others I am not familiar with.

  • Theresa Dailey
    Theresa Dailey

    All this & he can SING too!! ADAM LAMBERT has it all wrapped up in one very SEXY package!!

  • Theresa Dailey
    Theresa Dailey

    NO other male is Hotter nor Sexier than ADAM LAMBERT ... hands down ... Case Closed!!

  • Margaret Tombs
    Margaret Tombs

    Adam Lambert every time, I wouldn't look twice at any of the others in the street.

  • Sharon Miller Sullivan
    Sharon Miller Sullivan

    Adam Lambert there is no sexier man on this planet. Levine doesn't have an amazing voice. Sorry but true.

  • Beverly

    Not even a fair contest! No one is as sexy or sings as well as Adam Lambert!! He has the Best personality too!

  • Netmeg99

    Adam Lambert Hottest Sweetiest Sexiest Man On The Planet.. No Question About It!!!!!!

  • Alee Hofman
    Alee Hofman

    Adam Lambert ☺. No man is as sexy as bert. He's from planet Fierce!

  • Levineismine

    Adam Levine ..hands down ... everytime!!

  • ich---liebe.tumblr

    HAH. Adam Levine is the GOD of sex. so Im not sure what competition there is.

  • Jennifer Mary
    Jennifer Mary

    Your kidding right.. the ONLY hot Adam is Adam Levine.. And um sorry Lay.. Adam Levine is the one with the amazing voice.. Levine has it ALL!! This isnt even a competition..

  • Lay

    There is only one hot guy and that is Adam Lambert. Lambert is also the only one with an amazing voice.

  • sue

    Adam Lambert wins hands down. Hot, sexy, extraordinarily talented, and a genuinely nice guy!