Robert Pattinson Lands in London, Heads Straight for Kristen Stewart!

Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson celebrates his latest award with friends at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles
Rob on Kristen
Robert Pattinson shows off new haircut and meets fans on set of
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Finally! Our favorite couple has reunited! Robert Pattinson touched down in London, wearing jeans, a hooded jacket and baseball cap and Rob wasted no time to meet up with his lady love Kristen Stewart!

The couple attended a christening together in London, along with Tom Sturridge and Marcus Foster and a neighbor ran into the whole gang. Here is what one adorable fan had to say who met and snapped some pics of the duo...

Kristen, in black pants and a black blazer, was holding hands and laughing with Rob at the gathering. According to one fan who met the couple, she was very sweet when the fan started crying.

"Long story short, I got to meet them, and I got a hug from Rob and I was told to cheer up and Kristen said she would never hate me because my brother said if I didn't shut up they would hate me," tweeted the excited 14 year old.

Love that Rob and Kristen are finally reunited! Told ya the couple was just fine.
Kristen Visits Rob!
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  • tapon39

    If Rob and Kristen are in London, where is thier "baby dog" Bear?

  • jacquie b
    jacquie b

    A perfect couple. Let them have their privacy. I only wish them the very best in their happiness together . Xx



  • Tammy

    He does take private planes sometimes. It's been said. So, I believe Rob and Kristen are just really good at hiding and they've said that themselves. They deserve privacy. I have believed in them since the beginning. It was love at first site for them both. They saw each other and that was it. Done Deal. Soul mates as the more time they spend with each other the more they had in common and the more they fell in LOVE with each other. THEY ARE PERFECT!!!! LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!

  • Truthhurtsthebitter

    Good for them. If I were in a relationship like theirs I would do what they are too and keep the world outta my business. They dont give a F*ck about what ppl think and they do what they want. I'm happy for them, I'll be happier for them when BD isover and they can move on with their lives

  • Truthhurtsthebitter

    Wow Tinat. You must be a homely, ignorant, and jealous b*tch because I'm 100000000% + that Kristen Stewart is ridiculously better looking than YOU. And if you think Robert is ugly than you either hit your f*ckn head or you BLIND! If you dont care than why the f*ck are you saying anything? You obv. dont know sh*t! The only fake and phony thing associated with this is you thinking you have even the slightest amount of brain cells respectable enough to comment. Keep your bitter FUGLY SELF the hell outta here for real. Grow up Kstew could kick ur ass! and Rob's humble sexy self will sit there and laugh. STFU. Have a great day b*tch

  • tinat

    Boring lesbian and that fugly guy again. PHONY AND FAKE.

  • Elena

    Kris and Rob are amazing¬°¬°¬° I love them <3

  • katy

    I love kris and rob!!

  • Holly Slavic
    Holly Slavic

    Many people tweeted they were seeing him at LAX! somehow Papz were not there!!

  • Minnie781

    Hello there... helloooo.. what the hell u r talking about? u still deny a obvious true... THEY R 2GETHER... from a while... Lizzy (Rob's sis) always mention that.. all the time on twitter guys.. even she has i funny pic of his signs on her right leg and Kristen signs on her left one!!! if u know anyone of both of their families... u'll knon the truth and i donno why ppl don't belive that!!! Brad and Angelina have been met and loved each other in on movie... what about 5 movies in 4 yrs?? love is possible whatever or wherever u r just be good guys and believe in good things in life guuuys

  • poetri

    Can you tag robert pattinson and kristen stewart reunited in london picture on facebook.

  • Nicole Katalbas
    Nicole Katalbas

    where are the pics that they are together?

  • jaz

    THEY ARE ACTING LIKE OLD MARRIED COUPLE!! LOLO!! BUT, well, marriage is suppose to be like that...confident, trusting and loving...

  • Sara

    Um, there is a photo of her at the christening standing next to what looks to be Marcus Foster and Tom Sturridge and a blurry figure that looks to be him. Use your head, why on earth would she be at that christening unless she was in a relationship with Rob. No one is saying the only reason he is in London is her, they are saying that he is London because of her, his family, and his friends. I really don't get how Nonstens think. Also, a christening is pretty serious...she must be really tight with his friends because that kind of thing is usually for the closest family and friends.

  • Rose

    You are totally right. Bonnie is a wack job, some girl was also saying that her friend works at SOHO and that you have to apply and pay a lot of money for a membership to go in the areas where the celebs are. So when Bonnie says she is at SOHO, I think she's lying because SOHO probably wants to protect their members. However, she's right in that celebs pr people often track tabloids, etc. to try and stop the false rumors. Sometimes they let them get go, like Angelina, but other times they issue a statement or do a photograph just to prove them wrong. Anyway, RPatz and KStew are obviously bf and gf, but people like to ignore the obvious for some reason.

  • bunda ratih
    bunda ratih

    kiss me b4 u kiss kstew...

  • Sharon Mills
    Sharon Mills

    Yeah.....Kristen and Rob have did "PR" for many years And I'm sure they're loving every minute of it!!! Get it haters....I really don't mean PR!!!!!

  • Sharon Mills
    Sharon Mills

    He was there with her....that girl....KRISTEN STEWART, his other half!!!! You people are soooooo dumb if you think he's not there to be with her and his family too, of course!!!!!!

  • tatum

    hollywoodlife is pretty irrelevant, it's neither trusted or respected as a site or source, everyone thinks bonnie fuller has lost her mind, and it has a low hit count. HL should not factor into any decisions Rob makes.

  • malia

    Please tell me that rob's godchild is a boy, cause if it's a girl, that poor child is gonna being very confused when she hits puberty and realizes her God-daddy is effing hot! lol Him and kristen are so cute too, they are a great couple.

  • deliana

    lol, the nonnies lost it on twitter today. They are all swearing that this is all PR. If this was a PR move, someone would be getting fired cause it's the worst "publicity" you could imagine, Rob inside a house and Kristen getting photo'd by some kid with a cameraphone in his car. LOL Gotta love nonnies and their keystone kops ways!

  • amour

    Taryn; Grazie for the latest on OUR fave couple! Rob finally made it back to London and his lady love Kristen. WE appreciate YOU always giving us the truth up to date of them .. I hope now they get to enjoy their time together in private.

  • oniszko2

    Oh guys in the other pictures on the Web of Robert at Heathrow Airport, his hair has grown back and he is absolutely, positively georgous....The picture on celebuzz is not the one at the airport, I am surprised they dont have that one up...Im sure if they can get it they will put it up....

  • oniszko2

    that is the most stupides thing I have ever heard, Rob would never ever do that this a an honor to be asked to be godfather of a child both him and Kristen are Catholic and in our religion that is really a big thing. Dont believe that crap, because thats all it is, Rob is over there doing his godfather thing, and being with his lady love, who I am sure that he is desperate to see alone, if you get my drift.....

  • anon207

    They are unable to comprehend the concept of multitasking?

  • cherie

    omg, the all purpose "it's pr" excuse to explain away r/k sightings needs to be retired. Rob would never use a BABY to promote his films, let alone a baby he's a godfather to! Nonstens, in their quest to save face, end up painting Rob like a villain.

  • cara

    Oh don't you know?Summit contracted the godchild's mother to have a baby just in time for BD promotion, so that Rob and Kristen could attend an Christening together for PR......LMAO

  • dawn

    the queen of crazy nonnies, candykisses, tweeted that "BD PROMO HAS BEGUN." LOL-like how hliarious is that? She thinks sooo highly of robert, she thinks he'd use his godchild to acquire "pr" attention for BD. YET, there were no photo ops, just a random fan who took pictures, and BD is still months away. Why are nonnies sos crazzeee in the head? Seriously, like they refuse to just accept they are dating.

  • sallyjenn

    of course he does, he is wants to be with his lady!

  • sola

    this isn't rocket science folks. He went back for a christening or whatever, yes. But he brought along kristen to the affair. So obviously she's his girl, obviously he cares about his new godchild, and obviously he's happy to be reunited with friends and family and Sos. I don't understand how people attempt to pretend he can only fly back for ONE reason. lol

  • cara

    "that girl?" bwhaahahaha, drama queen. don't be so invested in who your idol is banging.

  • anomns

    he has being home since tuesday

  • Jenn

    Cool, they are cool

  • Debbie Hileman
    Debbie Hileman

    WELL I'M HAPPY TO SEE THEM HAPPY They know what they are doing and who give a SH..T what any one else thinks I'm sure THEY DON'T WELCOME HOME ROB

  • lili

    omg yes,you know how rob said he likes to creep on gossip sites just to see what they are saying about him?? lol,he probably does know about HL lol

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown

    He has been working on BD soundtracks and voice overs in LA thats why he waited till all work was done!!

  • Rachel

    I'm sure the haters will come out in droves even though there are pics of him and Kristen at another website at some sort of gathering (most likely the christening). This plus the video=they are together. I find the pics interesting-there was only a few pics of him shot at Heathrow and none of him leaving LAX. I think he is a lot sneakier than people give him credit for and most likely travels back and forth and just doesn't get caught. I also wonder if he allowed himself to be photographed to quiet the speculation from Hollywood Life. Hollywood Life seems to pretty much stalk him and I think his manager must be aware of this. If he allowed himself to be photographed, then Hollywood Life might let up on attacking him and his relationship.

  • lili

    i know right,one minute Kristen is cheating on rob with chris or whatever his name is,one minute rob broke up with Kristen,then flip, suddenly you believe they are in love,make up your mind oniszko2

  • lili

    oh hello there hater nice to see you finally arrived,and yes there are pics of him and kristen together,how would the fan meet them together if the weren't well TOGETHER,get over it,i think he has been to london before this is just the first time he let himself be photograph,kristen and rob are the best at being sneaky,everyone that.

  • M

    there's NO picture of Rob and that girl together in London. Rob went there for a baptism, if he was really in hurry to go to Kristen , he would had done this a long time ago.

  • anon207

    Are you sure you don't have split personality disorder? "Your mood swings are giving me whiplash."

  • oniszko2

    Cellebuzz, how come you dont have a picture of Rob landing at Heathrow, the one you have up is old. The one of him today is georgous, his hair has grown back he looks extremely extremely hottt......hottness....

  • Pao Valerio Hdez
    Pao Valerio Hdez

    ooo i love robsten ....ROBSTEN FOREVER

  • Mohamed Reda
    Mohamed Reda

    Hurry up, Kstew is waiting <3

  • lili

    only a matter of time and we all knew it,wonder what the nonstens will come up with now,i'm sure they will blame it on summitt,lol,the always do,big bad summitt is paying them hahaha lol