The Meet & Greet with Pop Sensation Savvy: ‘We Would Love to Work with Lil Wayne’

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Teen pop recording group Savvy is no stranger to the spotlight, but America is finally going to get introduced to them on the premiere of the new Starz Kids and Family television series entitled The Wannabes, where the five members of Savvy star as students at an arts academy boarding school who form a band in hopes of becoming pop stars.

Celebuzz met up with Shaylen Carroll, GiGi LeMaire, Drew Reinartz, Alan Shaw and Andrew Bowen Stern — the five members of Savvy — to chat about their music, the new series and even a few behind the scenes stories they were able to dish on!

Congratulations for being the first pop group to be signed to Cash Money Records! How does it feel?

Shaylen: Wonderful! It’s a dream come true.

Drew: Everything just came together so well.

The Wannabes premieres on Monday, September 3rd. What is the show about?

Andrew: The show is about six teens who attend a performing arts academy that’s strictly about the classics – Bach, Beethoven – and the six of them don’t like that. They’re more interested in pop music, in hip hop and dancing. They like street dancing more than classical stuff, so they rebel and get in trouble by their principal. They get sent to a sweet shop to work for their detention, and at the sweet shop they form a band together and start performing together undercover in silly costumes away from the school.

Is the classical music and dancing something you were familiar with before you were on the show or did you learn more about it once you joined?

Shaylen: We actually started out performing as Savvy and then got the television show. When we first started, we all sang, acted and danced, so it was cool to incorporate that into the show. Each episode will have a music video or dance sequence or song at the end of it, so you’ll get to see a little bit of Savvy, but just a different version.

You sing, act and dance. Is there one you prefer over the other?

Drew: We love them all. We can’t choose.

There will be an episode called Prank Wars. What was shooting that like?

GiGi: That was probably one of our most fun episodes. It was an amazing experience getting to do all that stuff. Alan had syrup all over him with feathers. Andrew and I got to team up against the rest of the guys. It was fun.

Drew: It was also stressful because everything was done in one take. If we didn’t get it right the first time, we had to redo everything.

Alan: It would’ve been harder for me because I’d have had to get all the syrup off of me, get completely clean, and redo it. The kids will love watching this episode.

Are you big pranksters off-screen as well?

Shaylen: The best one so far was close to Halloween. The guys had great idea to go to a Halloween store and buy this one mask. GiGi doesn’t really like scary movies, so I remember tapping on her window at the hotel we were at and Andrew popped out of the bushes to scare her. We all have our prank moments like that.

Your music is on a lot of playlists, and fans want to know: What’s on your own playlists?

Alan: We all have different types of music and artists that we listen to. I like Lil Wayne, Drake, Chris Brown, but I pretty much listen to anything.

Drew: I listen to soulful stuff – some Jason Mraz and Incubus. That’s what’s unique about us. We all bring something different to the table in our music. We all have a different style and we collaborate really well.

Shaylen: In the show we also get some Bach and Mozart, so it’s a bit of everything.

GiGi: I think we all would love to work with Lil Wayne if we could.

You also have a couple of singles out.

Shaylen: Yes. We have “SMS” and “Dance with Me Now.” “Dance with me Now” played on Radio Disney’s Top 30 for about six months, and “SMS” was just recently released. They both get played on Radio Disney throughout the day.

Drew: You can pick both of those up on iTunes.

For more Savvy news, check out the group’s website. Also, visit The Wannabeswebsite for more info on the new hit show that stars on Monday, September 5 at 4pm on Starz Kids and Family.