Cause Creative Space: ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Cast, Shakira & More Give Back for Back to School

Charitable Celebs
How the stars are giving back.
Welcome to Celebuzz‘s latest feature, Cause Creative Space. We teamed up with the folks behind Avan Jogia‘s Straight But Not Narrow campaign to give you an inside look at celebs and what they’re doing for Back to School season.

We at Cause Creative have a little confession — we miss back to school supply shopping! Binders (or Trapper Keepers for those of you old enough to know what those are), notebooks, post-it notes, pens in every color. Ah, those were the days. Though we still find ourselves occasionally roaming up and down the office supply isle, it’s just not quite the same. We showed up to a meeting once with a Backstreet Boys notebook — they weren’t impressed.

In honor of this “back to school” time of year, we thought it would be a great to profile a few of the many great celebrities supporting causes focused around schools.

Starting off, the beautiful ladies from Pretty Little Liars have teamed up with Staples and DoSomething to host a nationwide Staples for Students school supply drive. Want to get involved? It’s simple!

Get your friends together and start collecting new pens, pencils, notebooks, etc. Drop the collected supplies off at the nearest Staples collection center. For more information go to Act fast because the drive is over September 17th!

Second, is an international superstar known worldwide for her hip shaking dance moves, but did you know that at just 18-years-old, Shakira started the Barefoot Foundation?

The Barefoot Foundation has already built six schools for underprivileged students. Impressive, right? Well on top of that, Shakira also recently teamed up with her soccer star boyfriend, Gerard Pique, and his whole team at FC Barcelona, to build soccer fields for a local Miami YMCA.

Next on our list is a campaign of our very own, Straight But Not Narrow. While we think that going back to school should be a fun time for everyone, nearly two thirds of LGBTQ teens fear going back to school because of harassment and bullying. Not cool, people! Not cool.

Our campaign asks supporters to film a 15 second Back2School Pledge (#back2schoolpledge) to post on YouTube pledging their commitment to ensure this school year is great for EVERYONE. Beyond that, we are encouraging supporters to post the pledge on their Facebook status’ and Twitter. For more info go to

And on one final “back to school,” note we asked a couple of the guys from “Hollywood Arts High,” from the hit show Victorious, about some of their thoughts on teens giving back!

Some words of wisdom from Leon Thomas III, “It is extremely important that we, our generation, understands that we are not only citizens of our towns, cities or country – but of the world. And every step helps. It may not be a big step, but it’s still help. If anyone needs any ideas about how to help, they should go to”

Avan Jogia, SBNN co-founder, added: “School is the hardest place for anyone period. It’s important that we all try our best to make school as easy as possible, and for me part of that is what we are trying to do with SBNN.”

And, just because we are curious, we asked Avan what picture he would have hanging in his locker if he were back in high school, to which he replied, “Back in school I had a really boring locker, but if I had to go back, I would probably put up something weird like the anatomical make-up of squirrels or something.” Hm, to each his own! Leon’s choice? “Zoe Saldana. I’m a huge fan.” Well done, Leon. Well done.