Gwyneth Paltrow 'Humbly Happy' About Saving Woman's Life on 9/11

While at the Venice Film Festival promoting Contagion, Gwyneth Paltrow talked about how she learned of the woman who says that G saved her life on 9/11.

"Basically, what happened was I had gone to a yoga class very early," said Paltrow. "I was on the way home and it was the morning of September 11 -- not that I knew at the time what that meant -- and a girl was jaywalking across the street and we kind of both stopped at the same time and waited a really long time."

Paltrow continued to say they both did a start-then-stop type thing before laughing, and the woman went on her way.

"Ten years later I got a letter from her saying that she had been late for work and we had that thing and she went down to the Christopher Street station to catch her train to go down to the World Trade Center where she worked on the 77th floor of the South Tower and the train was just pulling out," said Gwyneth.

"So had we not had that interaction she feels like her life would've taken a much different course. She called it her 'Sliding Doors moment'. It was an extraordinary story and all I could think about is all of the people who had experiences like that that day, but aren't able to reach out because it wasn't a recognizable person," said the Oscar winner.

Added G:

"She saw it was me so she was able to get me a message, but I think a lot of fates were changed that day obviously and I am very humbly happy to be a part in her story."

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  • Ana

    Get a grip people!!!! Have any of you ever had one of those "what if" moments??? ANY story that day matter how big or small...and I'm sure its pretty BIG to the woman still alive! Gwyneth is NOT doing anything wrong by speaking about it! Let's just spread hate...that's the attitude we all need to have on this 10yr Anniversary! *go ahead & respond with me I know that's how this VERY cynical world works* too bad I won't be coming back to check! :)

  • Carin

    Seriously people? I think this story is sweet- and is the kind of thing that does happen everyday and people are rarely able to return to thank a total stranger....oh, yes, that's exactly what G said!!! Get off her back! She wasn't flyin one of the planes....we're all in this together!

  • Kevin

    I want.. to not have to read about this self-absorbed, self-righteous oxygen thief. Dr's (and all first responders) save lives every day.. but you don't see them going to the media on the even of 9/11 to boost their own ego or promote their own status... Do you? You asked what I want... I want her to have some humility.... I know.. wishful thinking.

  • Patricia

    Are you kidding me? Nice way to insert yourself into the 9/11 Memorial (10 year). One word: Cheap.

  • jack

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  • Juliana

    I dont think Ms. Paltrow is much of a giver. Nor doing much unless it benefits her. Call me crazy...

  • RealityBites

    After reading this I have to barf. Literally. Talk about being narcissistic...this takes the cake. "G" you are right, you are such a lifesaver for going to yoga that morning. I think we should erect a statue in your name.

  • mom

    I don't think Ms Paltrow meant she was a hero, but by a strange twist of fate, happened to be at the right place at the right time. She said she was humbled by it, what else do you want?

  • Kevin

    Yes, on top of everything else that you do that is wonderful.. you also saved a life on 9/11 You are an amazing.... douche.

  • Bo jaxson
    Bo jaxson

    Her dumb ass is smokin!

  • Mike

    Paltrow,, you dumbass,,,