‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Premiere Recap: ‘Life Goes On’ (VIDEOS)

By: / September 6, 2011

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All eyes were on Bravo Monday night as the network aired the second season premiere of its hit reality series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

For better or worse, the show premiered only a few weeks after the tragic suicide of castmember Taylor Armstrong’s husband, Russell, leaving many to wonder: How would Bravo write his death into – or out of – season 2, which was said to focus primarily on their deteriorating marriage?

The answer: Address the elephant in the room quickly, then hide it, then bring it up again at – you guessed it – another awkward dinner party.

The episode began with an updated segment, in which the Housewives (sans Taylor) and their husbands gathered together on Aug. 29 to discuss Russell’s suicide. The admittedly civil, but ultimately forced, discussion allowed everyone to cry, grieve and reflect in that 20/20 hindsight kind of way. (“I think a lot of us have some guilt about not seeing this coming,” said Kyle.)

But before anyone could digest the news, the show quickly jumped backwards to happier times, when Camille was moving on from her divorce from Kelsey Grammer (“I’m just adjusting to being alone, and I’m starting to like it,” she said), Kim and Kyle were still fighting, Taylor was running into Lisa’s ex-BFF, Cedric, and Adrienne was preparing a well-intentioned by horribly executed dinner party for Camille’s guest spot on the now-canceled CBS sitcom, $#*! My Dad Says.

Proving the Housewives learned nothing from last season, the dinner party served your typical Bravo drama for the evening, with everything from bickering, to walkouts to a diva fest from Adrienne’s chef, Bernie, who is apparently still holding a grudge against Lisa for poo-pooing his food many months ago.

To their credit, at least, the night began on a rare good note, as the Housewives inexplicably laughed their way through the $#*! My Dad Says screening. (Seriously, who watched that show?) Heck, even Kim and Kyle got along, despite the fact that Kim was wearing some type of devastating country-western-esque suit. In fact, the only real tense moment was between Adrienne’s new dog, Jackpot, and Lisa’s pup, Jiggy, who failed to get along with each other, despite being so adorably cute.

Sadly, the dogfight between Jackpot and Jiggy turned out to be a taste of what was to come. Despite Adrienne’s attempt to extend an olive branch to the group (literally; she pulled one off the olive tree she lost recently in a storm), the dinner party quickly turned into a war of words – over therapy, of all things. Kyle said she thinks therapy is a good thing; Lisa’s husband, Ken, said he thinks it’s a sign of weakness.

Of course, given her own struggles with psychotherapy, which she had just openly admitted to in front of the group, Taylor didn’t take to Ken’s words all that kindly, and proceeded to storm off. Kyle followed Taylor into the bathroom, where she managed to both comfort Taylor and alienate Lisa, who is for whatever reason mad that Lisa and Taylor are now close friends. Then, when everyone finally returned to the table, Ken tried to apologize to Taylor. When that didn’t work, Lisa made an excuse to leave the party early  – but not before Jiggy could eat a little food out of one of Adrienne’s cups. (Poor Bernie!)

In the end, nothing from last night’s episode was actually resolved. Instead, we were left with a string of arguments, bad suits, a yearning for more Allison and a lingering feeling that the premiere aired a little too close to Russell’s death after all. (The preview for the upcoming season, which featured one of the new housewives, Brandi Glanville, was especially exhausting.)

What did you think of the season 2 premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Was it worth the wait? Or did it air too soon? Post your comments below.