Taylor Lautner Thrills in Unseen ‘Abduction’ Clip (VIDEO)

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Although we’ve seen Taylor Lautner busting baddies in Abduction promos, the studio has just released a thrilling scene in which he must dive out of a moving car. 

As Taylor and costar Lily Collins are visibly shaken by being chased around town, a cool and collected Sigourney Weaver explains that she is there to help. She then instructs TLaut to jump from out of her SUV while she speeds down the street.

In a recent interview, Tay revealed that he and Lilly hit it off immediately, saying, “You can feel some sort of chemistry or a connection when you are reading a script with someone for the first time. And that was totally the case with Lily.”

The two also reportedly dated, so it appears they had chemistry off screen too! 

Abduction is in theaters September 23.