Tia Mowry Goes Under the Needle for Breached Baby in ‘Tia & Tamera’ (VIDEO)

Tia Mowry Welcomes Baby!
Actress Tia Mowry gives birth to her baby boy!
Tamera Gets Buzz'ed
Tamera Mowry talks to Celebuzz!
Being pregnant is tough enough already, but Tia Mowry takes pregnancy up a notch by undergoing acupuncture therapy in this never-before-seen bonus clip from Tia & Tamera. Ouch!

In order to avoid going under the knife for a C-section birth, the ready-to-pop Tia opts to try acupuncture treatment to get her breached baby to turn head-first. Will it work? Check out the video above!

Catch more of Tia’s baby drama (and twin sis Tamera’s wedding planning) on Tia & Tamera — airing Mondays on Style Network.

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