Are Joe Jonas & Taylor Swift Getting Back Together?

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas getting back together?
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According to a source, Joe Jonas wants Taylor Swift back in his life.

The couple famously broke up during a 27 second phone call -- with both singers later talking smack in song about the other. Now it appears their relationship is on the mend, as Joe was recently in the audience at Taylor's concert in San Jose, CA. 

"He wants her back," a Jonas source tells Us. "He wants to show her he's a changed man and would love to see what's possible between them."

As for Taylor, it appears she's considering the offer. "They're putting their past behind them," a Swift source says. "And maybe rekindling an old flame."

Taylor also recently reconnected with another ex, Taylor Lautner. In fact, both he and Joe were in attendance at Swift’s concert, and Swift even went so far as to give Lautner a shout-out during Back to December, stating “This is for the boy from Michigan,” (which is Lautner’s home state).



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  • blanca :)
    blanca :)

    seria bueno k taylor le diera otra oprtunidad se ve k joe a cambiado y la quiere de vuelta y no es publicidad xk creo k joe no querra dañarla d nvo usandola para prom d su album.

  • Kitty

    Taylor is too trusting, she should have stayed with Taylor Lautner but she got her head stuck in the cloud for someone she barely new and got too clingy to fast.

  • OMG...LOL

    HELL NO!!! pls tell they're not getting 2gether but i want taylor lautner n taylor swift 2 get back 2gether... joe sucks!!

  • Danny Zuko
    Danny Zuko

    one day i'd rlly like to find out who are these "sources" and also he didn't technically doing anything to stay in the headlines ppl are the ones making stuff up...not joe's fault just sayin :))

  • ThatJonaslover

    lol ! sources say .... yeah right ! i think he is just trying to make hid world peaceful again .. do i think they should get back together HELL NO ! but I am glad they are friends . i am proud of joe he is growing up !

  • hannah

    he needs to promote his album that's why they moved the original date XD good that they're friends now but girl don't, you deserve so much better

  • psh

    oh his album will soon come out. LOL I know, the hell with this "sources close to........" lolololol I didn't know he is trying to be relevant now. I'm really suprised the Disney kids are still relevant now. lol omg

  • Katy

    Let's hope they aren't lol

  • haha

    it cracks me up with all these "sources say.." cause mostly it's not true and made up. he wants you all to buy and promote his album, way to keep his name on the headlines haha but it's nice that they're friends.