Behind-the-Scenes With Jasmine V (VIDEO)

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Check out this new behind-the-scenes video with Jasmine V on the set of Just a Friend.

"This video was so much fun," Jasmine tells Celebuzz. "I got to use my own dog, baby brother, Microsoft hooked me up with a one of a kind phone and 50 Cent gave me a pair of his exclusive SMS headphones to use in the video."

"Can't wait to share with u jasminators!" she added.

What do you think? Loving the song!

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  • vick.

    EXCUSE ME?! you're the ones who are irrelavant people. If you don't like her, what are you doing here? UPS. (; Don't come with hate on here, she's the right to be a rising star. Forget them, Jasmine you rock! :D

  • breanna

    who cares about her? really celebuzz get your sh%t together.

  • sarag

    why is this on here? irrelevant.