Readers Respond: Has ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Gone Too Far With This ‘Pretty Woman’ Performance?

Cute Celeb Kids
The most adorable offspring in Hollywood.
This clip from Toddlers & Tiaras got our readers’ blood boiling! In the TLC show, pageant princess Paisley dresses up as Julia Robert’s prostitute character in Pretty Woman for a pageant performance to the tune of “Wild Women Do”. 

When we posted the video on Facebook Tuesday night, the Celebuzz community was up in arms! 

Smitha Vinoth said simply: “Disgusting … Pathetic … Loozerzzzz…”

T Kistler Schoony added: “That mother should be arrested for child endangerment…”

Haunani Campanon commented: “These kids have done things I have ever never even done beauty-wise and I am 19 years old! This show needs to go! What kind of parents put their kids in that kind of mindset?!?

Nicole Hall also felt strongly about the show, saying: “This show went too far the minute it was put on the air.”

However, Jessica Rombough wasn’t so much against pageants as much as the show. She wrote: “Moms who make their kids dress like this give pageants a bad name. There’s nothing wrong with letting your little girl (or boy) feel like royalty and win money to be put toward there schooling.”

Suzanne Welke said on Facebook: “As cute as it is, having a little four year old as a hooker, what I can promise you is that there is no way her parents told her what a hooker was, if they even told her WHY she was dressed like that … Not cool.”

Mom Ayesha Collins added in the comments: “This is the worst show on TV. As a mother to a beautiful 4 year old, I think these mothers have lost there minds.”

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