Selena Gomez Shows Off Her New Henna Tattoo

Selena Gomez's Henna Tattoo

Selena Gomez is pretty proud of her new tattoo -- but don't worry, it isn't permanent. The singer recently got the henna tattoo, which has "Sel" written in cursive, surrounded by stars. During a video interview with an Oregon radio station, SelGo explained the meaning behind her fake tat, gushing:
“I got a Henna tattoo. I got a cool one. It says my nickname. Everybody on the tour calls me ‘Sel.’”
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Watch the rest of her interview below, where she dishes more about her crush on Shia LaBeouf and how starstruck she was while interviewing Britney Spears at the 2011 VMAs.



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  • elish

    Selena is a really pretty girl. A great fashionista too! Problem is, she doesn't have real talent. She can't sing and dance. Sometimes, it's too painful to watch her especially when she's dancing. She seriously needs to get dance lessons. Her vocal chords are not that great too. That's hard to train and improve even with singing lessons.

  • stephanielumm

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  • aaliyah

    if its henna she can die from that but it has to be black henna to die from it

  • Aaliyah


  • Aaliyah

    no she is try 2 hard 2 b like her man just stop girl stop :(

  • Rae-C

    Aww! I think it looks really nice

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  • christine

    GRRRRRR!!! EVERYBOBODY R EXPLAINING ABOUT THIS ONE HHAAHAAH they r afraid of what sel wll gonna do !!grrrrrrrr so fake face:)

  • rodolfo

    It doesn't matter, she is still very cute, tatto or not.

  • rodolfo

    It doesn't matter, shhe is still very cute, tatto or not

  • lady

    Why are you so judgemental? Especially if it isn't your body. I think we know who the real idiot is.

  • tmae

    That is thee dumbest thing to get your name tattooed even if it is just a henna one. Is she that vain? Or is it incase she forgets her name?

  • Sin

    She should NEVER get a real tattoo. ANYONE who gets a real tattoo is an idiot and I have said it straight to the face of bikers before.

  • lovelysusan

    Why don't get real one?

  • ShazelJuliano

    I love & adore this picture of the Henna tattoo. #Love...precious!

  • shazeljuliano

    I love the Henna Tatto<3. =). I totally think it's Great!!! Gorgeous:)

  • shazeljuliano

    I love the Henna Tatto<3. =). I totally think it's Great!!!

  • shazeljuliano

    I love the Henna Tatto<3. =). I totally think it's Great!

  • Cathy Collins Rosenberg
    Cathy Collins Rosenberg

    Hennas are an art form and steeped in tradition. They are not FAKE TATOOS.

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    I adore henna tattoos & Selena's looks great!

  • Neda

    Henna is actuly Arabian I have one covering my whole body right now exept for the privacy spots and I know because I'm Arabian

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    iM w/ dian here, that photo is gorge, & that henna tat is cool she should get it for real < jus NOt on her shoulder, mayb on the inside if her wrist or .. well its cute where she has it toO *shrugs*

  • dian

    She should get a real one. And that's one HOT photo