Amy Winehouse Interview Hits Web One Week Before Her B-day (VIDEO)

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Among other things, Amy Winehouse will certainly been remembered for her killer voice and her critically acclaimed Back to Black album.

Prior to her tragic death this past summer, Amy had gone into the recording studio with music icon Tony Bennett (who she calls Ton) to record a duet, and even granted an interview following the collaboration. Her quips and quotes are both endearing and sad. 

“First time I met Ton, I took my dad and stepmother and boyfriend to see him at Royal Rabbit Hole. We saw him both nights.”

Amy and Tony recorded the song “Body & Soul,” which the “Rehab” singer’s dad was excited to hear. She joked about her father’s reaction, saying, “He said, ‘Oh, it’s only my favorite song in the world you’re gonna sing. Oh my God. … Do you even know it?’ … And I was like ‘Of course I know it, Mitchell. I’m your daughter.'” 

Amy would have turned 28 on Sept. 14. She passed away at age 27 in her London home. 

A video of Tony and Amy’s duet of “Body & Soul” will be released on her birthday.