Angelina Jolie Joins Brad Pitt for 'Moneyball' Premiere in Toronto (PHOTOS)

Brangelina certainly is America's version of royalty. Angelina Jolie was by Brad Pitt's side at the Toronto Film Festival on Friday for the premiere of Moneyball.

Hitting the carpet in her signature color, black, Jolie wore a silk dress that gathered around the neck and had a slit down the side of her leg.

Brad, still rocking his long hair and scruff, looked dapper as always and hit the carpet in a complimentary dark suit.

That is one stunning couple!

Catch Pitt in Moneyball out on September 23.



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  • Karolee Anne Crandall
    Karolee Anne Crandall

    Brad Pitt is a LOSER and Angelina is a homewrecker and a HORRIBLE MOTHER !!!!!!!!! THOSE POOR CHILDREN WITH A PSYCHO LIKE HER !!!

  • Tonya Armolt McFalls
    Tonya Armolt McFalls

    News flash Brad you always were dull.

  • mamawabbit

    Beautiful people, beautiful couple and great actors! So normal and so humble though. No wonder everybody went nuts as soon as their car pulled off in front of the theater for his gala premiere here in Toronto. I have never heard such screaming, non- stop for 20 min until they entered the tent-made tunnel with the press on the way in. Brad "skipped" the press and ran quickly by them but when passing the clearing between the tunnel with the press and the entrance of Roy Thompson Hall we saw him and the screaming started again. And the gentleman that he is he came back for a second and waved to us, made a bow and jumped like a 20yrs old to catch up with his party. That was nice.

  • Angelina Jolie
    Angelina Jolie

    Nice tie on Brad.

  • Gabby

    Hottest couple on Earth!