Justin Bieber Goofs Off in Style at D&G’s Fashion’s Night Out (PHOTOS)

Biebs in the Hood
Justin Bieber rocks his signature hoodie.
“NYC…Fashion Night Out…LEGGO!” was the tweet Justin Bieber sent out just moments before hitting the Dolce & Gabanna Fashion’s Night Out party Thursday night. 

Dressed in thick-framed glasses and a purple jacket that was impossible to miss, the Biebs was acting his age, 17, as he posed for a few goofy pics with his manager Scott Braun.  He even posed with Vogue editor and chief and fashion heavyweight Anna Wintour.

At one point in the evening, it looks like Biebs’ alter ego rapper self Shawty Mane came out as he grabbed the mic and hung out next to the DJ stand. 

So what’s next for the “Baby” singer-turned-fashionisto? The Biebs is headed back to the studio to finish recording a Christmas album. He tweeted: 

“Headed back out west to work on this #MUSIC. excited for you guys to hear it. Christmas album this november.”