Kendall & Kylie Jenner Answer More Fan Questions! (VIDEO)

You asked, Kendall and Kylie Jenner answered!

The sisters were not only nice enough to sit down and answer all your burning questions, but they made a video of it!

Whether you want to know which sister they're the closest with or if they have any special nick names for their family, all you need to do find out is watch!

We have more videos from these ladies, so stay tuned for them to answer even more fan questions!

Click here to check out part I!



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  • roseloveskendallandkiley

    What is your favorite types of cereal?? :)

  • Sarra Amdouni
    Sarra Amdouni

    have you guys ever been in a Californian earthquake?? <3 u ! (;

  • Emily Doney
    Emily Doney

    do you guys diet?? if you do what is it??

  • Emily Doney
    Emily Doney

    have you guys ever died your hair or had a nose job or anything like that??

  • Emily Doney
    Emily Doney

    do you guys wear heaps of makeup?? :)

  • Julie

    do you ever feel self contious seeing yourself on t.v?

  • vanessa adams
    vanessa adams

    how do you guys keep your selfs fit?

  • Lauren.

    what's your favourite movie? how many seasons will kuwtk have?

  • Viviana Salazar
    Viviana Salazar

    hey my name is viviana am a big fan and i wish i wode be like u

  • Nelly Lovesmeme
    Nelly Lovesmeme

    if you wanted to switch a life with a celb. who with that be?

  • Lyla Gross
    Lyla Gross

    how tall are you kendall ? :)