Readers Respond: Megan Fox Looks Great 'Curvy'

Megan Fox Gets Silly on SNL
Megan Fox on SNL
Megan isn't just a pretty face. She's funny too! Watch »

Megan Fox revealed she was recently shocked into giving up her strict vegan diet when she saw how thin she had gotten, so she decided to gain some weight. We asked you readers if you preferred her with a bit more meat on her bones, or not.

It was a unanimous decision:

"Yes she was too thin and looked sickly. It's ok to have some meat, curves." Nikki Richie told us on Facebook.

"She was waaaaay too skinny before. She looks younger now" Pily Ghomez commented.

"She is looking so much better even though she is still quite skinny, the couple of pounds and a more balanced diet have helped. Even her skin and hair are looking better!" Tommy Cote said.

"yeah she's not very small boned.... she needs more meat," Teresa Tree commented. She then added quite reasonably: "hard to tell though as the other pic is not a bikini one too?"

Celebuzz definitely thinks Miss Fox has been looking great lately! Although "curvy" still might be a stretch.



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  • Patrick

    Megan Fox was not eating a vegan diet. She was eating a raw salad diet. She was not eating bread, pasta, whole grains, nuts, or any of the nutritious foods that make up a vegan diet. She was starving herself. The fact that there are entire cultures representing millions of people who have lived and thrived for centuries without meat is enough evidence that humans do not "need" it to survive and thrive. In fact, the evidence weighs heavily in the other direction, i.e., the hazards of a meat and dairy diet and the benefits of a vegan diet are well known in the medical and scientific community. Also, there are hundreds of famous top level athletes -even Olympians- who are vegetarian or vegan. “Olympian of the Century” track star Carl Lewis, for one. If Lewis can sustain his olympic health on a vegan diet. So can Megan Fox. She was simply, doing it all wrong.

  • danielleakame

    if she is considered "curvy" then i should be in the circus, as a dancing hippo

  • hgowy0

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