Sammi Sweetheart: Why I Keep Going Back to Ronnie

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If you're a fan of the Jersey Shore, you've seen the tumultuous relationship between Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Ronnie Magro. Though their fights have caused discourse in the house since the first season, these two can't seem to get enough of each other!

Currently MTV is airing the fourth season of the show that took place in Florence, Italy, and Celebuzz was able to sit down with Sammi Sweetheart and ask her what many Shore viewers (and her roommates alike) wonder every season: Why do they keep getting back with each other?!? 

"I think what stinks is you guys only get to see a certain amount of our relationship and you'll see the bad and it's unfortunate because I would love for you guys to see the good which you'll start to see eventually," she says of her and Ron, who are still together at the moment, though she did add jokingly, "You never know what could happen!" 

Sammi blames the cameras for the way her romance with Ronnie has been displayed, telling Celebuzz:

"You're gonna start to see a difference in our relationship. We kind of mature a little bit and you're gonna see a different side of things. We're being filmed 24-7 for a month and a half, but you're just seeing an hour of pieces of my fights, you're not seeing me have fun, be independant and have great relationships with friends and with Ron."
She added, "That's unfortunate, I wish you could see more of that. Not everything is great, there's gonna be fights but there's also like a really great connection that we have."

During their time in Florence, Ron and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino got into an argument that ended in Sitch going to the hospital. Sammi, recalled the "scary moment," saying:

"It was also six in the morning, everybody was drunk, ... and it's just when you're living with each other, things are bound to get on your nerves and that was just like the breaking point for Ron and Mike. I don't think I had anything to do with their fighting. I may have made comments but I had nothing to do with their own tension at they had toward each other."
This fight got us thinking about the first season when the Situation tried to put the moves on Sammi. When asked if she'd ever consider him as a suitor, she answered flatly, "I would have nothing to do with Mike, ever, ever. He is crazy. There was really nothing there and there will never be anything there."

There has been some buzz around the other cast members landing their own reality shows, but will Ron and Sammi be getting a spin-off too? She answers, "Not yet, (laughs) because we're still kind of in the process of seeing what goes on in our relationship, but I would be open to anything that comes my way."

Would you watch a Ron and Sam reality show? Let us know in the comments!

Ron and Sam chatter aside, Sammi offers up some tips for all the fellas out there who may be looking for a Jersey girl of their own. "Just be yourself, I'm just me so it's the only advice I can give. ... I'd just say be yourself, have a good personality and you should be fine." She added, when asked about what first attracted her to her super-buff beau, "When somebody can make me laugh, I love that."

As we're right in the middle of the fourth season of Jersey Shore, Sammi, whose next venture is to be an entrepreneur starting with her perfume Dangerous, admits she's learned a great deal about herself from her time on the reality TV show.

"I learned a lot about another country while I was in Italy, so I learned a whole different culture. I learned that not everybody is the same as me and I'm living in a house with seven other people so I need to adapt to their unique and own styles. So I definitely learned a lot while doing this show, I really did."
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  • WhoCares

    I'm not leaving a mile long comment BUT Sammi is extremely immature. All I watched her do was whine and cling on to poor Ronnie. Also Sammi looks like a man from the waist down. No curves, no ass. LOL She's not the most attractive to me at all. The girl Morgan that Ronnie cheated with is a lot better looking, haha!

  • Tammy

    I don;t understand why they keep getting back together either. It would seem that when they are not together in the same house that Ronnie can be away from Sammi and have a good time. When they are under the same roof, Sammie is thinking the same thing she thinks at home.. Who is Ronnie with and what is Ronnie doing? There is no trust in their relationship, both of them alway assume the other is screwing around on the other, so to make it better STAY AWAY FROM EACH OTHER!!!!

  • tara

    shes so fucking annoying,cant stand her talking!! fake bitch also ronie needs a new&better gf!!!

  • Erica

    I have to say this too. Alcohol, timing and stress doesn't explain Ron's behaviour. And Ron has been mean as hell when he is sober too. Alcohol can show who youre bad sides but not everyone has a bad violent side. That is the thing. If I good person is drunk and tired they still won't act like a psycho.

  • Erica

    And Sam. It doesn't matter you two have fun and are friends and all when he ALSO abuses you. I have been there, I get you. But I promise, in time what he has done to you won't feel as unreal and distant and separated from his "good side". You will see that a good guy is not capable of being evil like that. And it will make you sick and inside you your inner voice and defence will grow stronger and stronger, your love will weaken. You don't deserve what he has done, Ron is a monster. Even if he acts the opposite and you have good times too. Even if they edit the footage you can't say that what happened didn't happen. Ron is a PSYCHOPATH. He can laugh and be charming, he knows how to push your buttons for good and for bad and what gives him away is his total lack of inner clock when it comes to your feelings. He can hurt you so bad without reason and no matter you cry, no matter you hurt-THAT DOESN'T BOTHER HIM. And a person like that noone deserves. I know this is like poison inside and that you will understand in time. But it might take so long you will regret having waisted the best years of your life on a psychopath rat. If you break up now and stick to it you will hurt and feel physically sick but trust me, that is just the poison getting out of your system. As for an addict to quit heroin. You will soon feel good and better then you can ever imagine. If you just stick to it. Or you can wait for the years to pass, getting blamed for his behaviour, getting your hopes up and then fall down and feel useless again over and over. Your hate will grow, in time you WILL leave him but the price is higher the longer you wait Sammi. With love

  • Erica

    Dez you are so stupid. Sam is not a jealous girl, but she would be mad to trust Ron. Haven't you seen the show? The problem isn't Sams jealousy, the problem is Ron's emotional abuse and cheating. To you who wrote noone likes Sammi-Sam has more fans than Jenni or any of the cast. It is just that the haters are more active online. Sam is a very strong and independent woman. She is the only one of the cast who sticks up to Ron. Everybody else let Ron get away with murder, they are so lame. Sam is also the only one who sticks up to Jenni. Having said this Sam has zero support, she stands by herself if she must, that is strong as hell. Of course I hope she will dump Ron forever. Ron is everything Sam is not. Also he is retarded and should get locked in. The guy is not older then 3 inside. Sam please, you don't need a big baby that is also mean as hell. Please, please please, the show would be so much greater if in this season you stayed single Or met someone new! Ron won't get away with breaking all your stuff again, ignore him and that should force the others to stop blaming you for his horrible behaviour. Get a new boyfriend. Call Chanum Tatum and quit Jersey Shore. They would realise their fault when youre gone. You were the only strong person in the house. They couldn't live together without you.

  • 3casr

    because of the ratings, maybe?

  • courtneybaaaby

    no its more like why is ronnie going back to sammi, shes a bitch and everyone hates her.

  • Dez

    I can see that y'all love each other very much but jealousies are getting in the way. Ron is with u cuz he chooses to be. Im a female and my best friend is a guy just cuz we talk bout everything doesn't mean anything goes on between us. Being jealous ruins relationships. Let the past go and look for the future if that's with Ron r someone else have full trust

  • Quyen Ho
    Quyen Ho

    cuzz she's a major LOSER!

  • kamiluccha

    Ok! Be a couple! but get the fuck out of jersey shore and don't point your fucking relationship on TV. You alone - Love you. You along - Hate you.