The Meet & Greet: Foodie Claire Thomas Talks New Show

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Saturday mornings are about to get super sweet! The dynamic 23-year-old Southern California foodie, Claire Thomas, is taking her insatiable curiosity for all matters food — cooking, photography and styling — and turning it into her very own show!

Food for Thought with Claire Thomas will be added to the fall line-up as part of the LITTON Weekend Adventures Morning Block on ABC. The young food enthusiast took some time to chat with Celebuzz about what we’ll see on the show, in addition to her wildly successful food blog.

I was reading your blog, The Kitchy Kitchen, and there’s so much wonderful stuff on there. How did you get started?

I grew up in a food family where my mom was an amazing cook, so I never felt the need to cook. In high school and college it’s usually what you can rummage for yourself. Right out of college I got a very depressing job that wasn’t very creative. My parents saw me struggling so they suggested that since I love food I should start a blog about it. I spent three months learning how to shoot food professionally. I quit my job and started working as a food stylist. As the blog went on, I got more jobs as a food photographer. At the time, there wasn’t much food video content, so I started doing some of that too.

That’s a great example of how something you love and are passionate about turns into your job or career.

I’m such a nerd at heart, and the reason that I fell in love with food was because it was so much fun to research. It’s not only a fascinating way into culture and history and life, but it’s also delicious. There are a lot of benefits. If you told me three years ago that my entire life would revolve around food, I wouldn’t have believed it. The entire blog has original recipes. I’ve grown up in Los Angeles and cultivated relationships with experts who have helped guide me. I started it for fun out of necessity for cooking for myself, but I’ve really enjoyed the process of creating recipes. All of the content on my blog is my own. Food should be fun, not intimidating or scary. Your kitchen should be your own. It’s important to make it a personal space, not a lab.

You’re also going to have your own show called Food for Thought with Claire Thomas. Can you talk about the concept of it and what we’ll see on it?

I’m so excited about it! It’ll be on ABC on Saturday mornings starting September 3rd. The goal is to try to get people excited about and engaged in food again. I get to go on fun little adventures where I get inspiration for recipes. On the first episode, I get inspiration for garden foods, so I visited the Venice Learning Garden to research it. It really opens up your mind about food. When you know how to cook with something, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be part of your palette. The idea is to get people curious about food. Food is a window to so many other different areas or subjects. At the end of the day, it’s something that everyone needs, enjoys and has an opinion about. I’m excited about the show connecting people to their food and making it fun for them.

Catch Claire’s food adventures on Food for Thought with Claire Thomas on Saturdays at 11 am on ABC!