Kendall & Kylie Jenner Answer Fan Questions, Talk Family Holiday Memories & More! (VIDEO)

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are back to answer even more of your fan questions!

What topics are on the agenda this time around?

Family holidays, what they would do if they were lost in a tropical forest, and much more!

Take a look at the video above, and stay tuned for more fun videos -- they might even answer YOUR question!



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  • stephanie

    wear does kendall get her high rised blue shorts??

  • icecream

    who your faviorate kardashin and how do u feel like being a aunt to mason

  • icecream

    did u guys like going to bora bora with your familyand did u guys like doing the show keeping up with the kardashins

  • Stephanie

    Hey im an English fan and i love watchint KUWTK , have you ever been to England? Would you want to and why?

  • sheila

    nah, they aren't :)

  • Rawr

    What i have to do to make you girls be in love?

  • NeSsa

    You just tell us how you feel about yourself bahaha! Go away they are gorgeus girls

  • Danielle

    With this comment i can see that you're the one who's dealing with low self-esteem and i feel bad for you cuz i can't see your face but i'm sure you're fugly as sh!t

  • Taylor

    You're joking right?!? They're pretteir than her sisters LOL

  • claudiahope2000

    what no way they are stunning !!!

  • Robyn

    I feel bad for these girls . They are so ugly compared to their half sisters. I see low self-esteem and plastic surgery in their future.

  • thehighstreetcrush

    a little heavy on the makeup :/

  • Ben Newmarch
    Ben Newmarch

    Sucks that they're prettier than you then, hey?

  • Dawn

    Beautiful girls,destined for greatness!It runs in the family

  • willa

    Agree they're so brattys Kylie bother me the most when they are filming her she always does stupid things to appear cuz she thinks shes funny but shes NOT...And Kendall disrespecting the woman who was teaching her how to walk on runway ugh...btw they're pretty young maybe thats the reason

  • iamledgend

    What do you look for in a guy?

  • gingersnap530

    These girls are beautiful but so amazing disrespectful and rude. INot a good qualities. Hopefully that changes with time because they are beautiful girls.

  • johnmichael24

    I can't stop saying you girls are hot seriously, I just want to meet you girls.

  • angelica

    Where do you guys shop?:)

  • Jessie

    I love you guys!! Jenners rock!!! Jenners and kardashians are all so fashionistas!!!! Fashion family lovee you guys keep up the good work!!!!

  • Daniela

    what makeup do you wear?

  • j_me

    I think both of you are very pretty..

  • Mel

    I think they're both really pretty girls especially kendall but they act like idiots (brats) on the show thats why i dont like them that much

  • sheila

    ugh. hate that family. hate 'em all. a group of nobodies, got famous because Kim is an amature porn star.

  • jordin

    Kendalls hair is sooo long and shiny i want it :(

  • Dorsa Khorramian
    Dorsa Khorramian

    have you ever noticed that you have Iranian fans too?!?!?! we love you over here!!!!

  • charmain

    Ur a natural angel u look stunning

  • Tashaa

    kylie and her phone lol