Ryan Gosling Brings His Mom as Date to ‘Ides of March’ Premiere (PHOTOS)

Just when you think Ryan Gosling couldn’t do anything to make him even more adorable, he goes and one-ups himself time and time again, this time at the Toronto Film Festival.

Gosling, who was in Canada to premiere his new film The Ides of March at the Toronto Film Festival, showed up to the red carpet of the premiere with a new lady on his arm — only it wasn’t rumored gal pal Eva Mendes … this time it was his mother, Donna Gosling. Ryan wrapped his arm around Mama Gosling as they posed for the hundreds of flashbulbs popping away, letting mom see just how big he’s actually become.

Ides puts Gosling co-starring alongside George Clooney, and is a political thriller where Gosling has to choose sides in helping candidates on the presidential trail. It’s slated to open on October 7.

This past week, photos of Ryan and rumored new romance Mendes at Disneyland made the rounds, with one showing Mendes apparently kissing Ryan on the cheek. The couple has been mum about their relationship status, but the photos definitely caused a stir among all of the women hoping one day for their shot at the Notebook heartthrob.

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