Battle of the Hot James'! (PHOTOS)

Whether they go by Jim, Jimmy or James, there is just something about Hollywood guys with this name!

In the latest name battle, four guys are in the running, and we love each one for very different reasons.

So, let's take a closer look at the contenders.

First up is James Franco. He is a renaissance man who dabbles in so many different things it makes our head spin! However, even though he is one of the busiest actors around, he still manages to make us swoon with that million watt smile!

Next up is One Day star Jim Sturgess. We fell in love with him in Across the Universe, and now the British stud is back and better than ever!

James Marsden is one of those underrated hotties that has only gotten hotter as the years go by.

And last but certainly not least is Jimmy Fallon. When ladies say they want a man with a sense of humor, Jimmy is exactly what they mean! In addition to making us laugh every night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, he seems like one of the most genuinely nicest guys around.

So, who do YOU think is the hottest James? Sound off by voting in the poll!




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  • Jen

    What about James McAvoy, James Phelps?

  • Ashley


  • Ashley

    Sexy as hell.

  • Juliana

    I can only hope you are trying to be funny. Both of Franco's brothers and his Mom smile like him. You can't assume someone's gay b/c of their smile. That's ridiculous He has an amazing smile! It's spittle bit genetic and alot from within.

  • Mai-Trang Thi Nguyen
    Mai-Trang Thi Nguyen

    1 of these Jim's is a gay closet man. I can spot a gay man by the way He smiles. I hope he comes out safely of his gay closet for young straight generation needs to know a straight man don't smile like that or act like that. Only a cute gay man would act like that. Peace and safety for everyone to be who they are and still make money.

  • Shannon

    James Franco of course!!!

  • Alaia

    Where's McAvoy?

  • Erika

    Why is James Roday not in on this?

  • Elise StewieBaby Newbold
    Elise StewieBaby Newbold

    james marsden

  • Lori Holmes
    Lori Holmes

    James Franco all the way. He is totaly Fricken HOT!!!!!