Robert Pattinson Goes for a Walk After Dinner With Kristen Stewart (PHOTOS)

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Robert Pattinson Takes a Late Night Stroll in Notting Hill
Rob & Kristen Reunited!
Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson celebrates his latest award with friends at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles
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Robert Pattinson was photographed solo in Notting Hill on Friday night after dinner and drinks with girlfriend Kristen Stewart. The couple was at The Cow Pub there in London, and Rob was snapped coming out the front, while Kristen slipped out another exit.

You can see R.Pattz carrying a backpack, and it didn't take long for some of Celebuzz's favorite Twitter followers to point out to us whose pack that is...

Kristen's of course!

If you notice the blue ribbon, it's the same one on the backpack she has been photographed with.

Witnesses at The Cow say the couple kept to themselves at the bar, cuddling and were in their own world.

Pattinson and Stewart have been inseparable over in the UK ever since Rob touched down, and the duo spent this entire weekend together.

Kristen is currently filming Snow White and the Huntsman in London, so we're glad she is able to hang with her man when she gets some downtime!



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  • carol

    all right already, enough of the same old pictures! give them some space to breathe - how many pics can one camera take, honestly!

  • Kelly

    He's gay

  • Camila Camil Camil
    Camila Camil Camil

    omg I love him!!!!!

  • Jan

    Ok....You Paparazzi Demons KNOW they are together now....So why do you feel it is necessary to harass them all the time? Makes no sense to me.....3 pictures right in front of the rude...Get a life...I can't wait until they pass the law where a person can "tazor" or "mace" any and all paparazzi people...Those days are coming...Just leave those two kids alone...

  • Alison

    You know what the ribbon is? Anyone know what that ribbon is?

  • oniszko2

    She Kristin, must know that the public knows they are together, yet she still hides, why, I mean I love these two, and Rob seems to be the outgoing one in the relationship, but then again when she was with MA she showed open affection, why not with Rob is something wrong there, I am trying t figure this out can someone tell me....Thanks

  • Kia

    Wait I wanna see/read/hear where he said this ! OMG they finally admit it Lol ! :) Love them together though .

  • gaga

    what are u , a PIMP..go away sleazy cat

  • gaga

    still shi$$ing in your diaper

  • Dawn

    They are cute together but I don't get why everyone needs to see PDA so badly. Validation I guess. How many people actually stand on street corners and make out? I could be wrong but I think they've been pretty obvious as of late. It's so sad that they can't even go on a dinner date together without twitter getting involved. I do not have a twitter account and never will. I hate twitter. Maybe it's because I was a teenager before everyone had cell phones. Twitter is just too invasive. Rob and Kristen would have a much easier time if twitter had never been created.

  • cullen17

    Cannot wait for BD it is gonna be EPIC !!!!!!

  • cullen17

    I love these 2 they are just so down to earth and lovely! Whatever happened between them as to how they got together is nothing to do with me , they are happy end of story. Her relationship with MA was not ment to be or they would still be together. Everyone who has worked with these 2 always have good things to say about them which just proves they have not changed. Catherine Hardwick has said in a interview that she picked up on the spark between them and did say to Rob DO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH KRISTEN as she is a minor you will be arrested lol I have watched the interview where she said it . But everyone has to remember that he is British and here in England legal age is 16 so that would have been well confusing but he did nothing wrong so leave him alone i am sick of people dissing him for no reason. he does not deserve it. Team Rob always :)

  • RPattinsonLover

    Everyone calm down.

  • coral

    Rob explained what's going on recently. He said there is no pr, kristen and him are not embroiled in some huge pr conspiracy. He said he just doesn't like to have his picture taken, and he does not want to sell anything that means something to him privately. he does not want to blur the lines between public and private life. So they don't hide their relationship, they just don't use it in a self promotional way.

  • delia

    it didn't necessarily overlap, but the two relationships were close enough together to have caused rumors and speculation. Maybe they didnt' want to deal with it, especially because at the time, Kristen was getting a beating in the press for being sullen and Rob was so loved. Kristen would have been the fall guy for any scandal, and maybe rob and kristen didn't want that to happen. so, saying nothing and continuing to say nothing gives them some shelter from unwanted speculation.

  • delia

    they are out of the closet with their relationship. They vacation together, they go out together, they visit eachother on location, she's his date for big events like his goddaughter's christening. That's not hiding a relationship, it's just not offering a detailed status report for the public.

  • muriat

    I really don't know why people think that Rob and Kristen are indeed hiding their relationship...that would mean that they are clueless and stupid and they are far from that. (They know precisely what they are doing). These two just refuse to be photographed together in any obvious PDA's, and that's understandable. They just don't want the tabloids benefitting off of their private moments, which should remain between them. And, it should be also obvious why Rob and Kris left through separate exits...because they don't want to be followed by anyone, and then people would know the location where they are staying. But, isn't it sweet how Rob carried Kristen's bag for her. Isn't it obvious that they both left through separate exits, but they will definitely be meeting up together, as they always do. I love these two; they are meant for each other...they completely fit like two perfect pieces of a puzzle.

  • poetri

    I totally agree with your opinion dee, robert pattinson and kristen stewart is a very happy couple. and they do not matter what people said about them that is important they stay together.

  • oniszko2

    He never dated Kristen when she was underage, he never saw her until the breakup with MA, granted she had feelings fo rhim in 2008, everbody could see that especially at the first comic con, but he did not approch her until she was 18 yrs old, and had broken off with MA. He has been in love with her since he saw her way back when he first saw the movie Into The Wild, but what were the odds of him meeting her, high, but I dont know I look at it like this, I think he was destined to be with her how many of us fall in love with a person, and can never be wtih them, his fate was sealed with Kristen she is I believe his soul mate and he is hers. And I think that she was in love with him from the moment she met him, but did not know what to do about it. Just my opinion..

  • cic

    jane-I think she was young too and shouldn't be judged for deciding she liked someone else. Please, if Rob was winking my way, I'd drop my bf too. lol I'm just saying, she was realllly young when they started working together and getting close, and she had a bf and was underaged at the time. In April of '09, there were pictures of her with her bf and no later than a weekend, she was with rob at sam's concert and they were kissing. Maybe not technical overlap, but definitely too close for comfort in terms of a pr debacle if rob gets pegged flirting with a minor and breaking up a relationship. Again, water under the bridge though, obviously it lasted and they are happy, and she's a full-fledged woman now.

  • Jane

    I don't think that is true, actually...The photos/etc. make it look like she started dating Rpatz a few months after she dumped her ex, I just think the fans wanted to believe that she was already seeing Rpatz or fans that dislike her want something negative. Even if that was true, she was super young and people deserve a break for stuff like that before they are twenty.

  • dee

    Ok, time to leave Rob alone and stop saying untrue things about him! I am glad they made it and are together. As for the jailbait thing, that is nonsense! Rob is a good and kind person, I know that from interviews and his castmates. He and Kristen are so happy from everything I'm hearing and I'm glad for them!

  • dee

    I am happy for them. Getting to spend needed time together, they sound to be so happy. I wish them the best!

  • cic

    Hate twilight, love rob and kristen. they seem to be one of the few couples in hollywood who don't act like entitled jerks.

  • shari

    I like them both. they seem very down to earth and not superficial.

  • Dina

    Naw, the reason they have kept quiet about their relationship is that they started one in the midst of her having a bf. Taht's the main reason they've never come out full blown, because if they confirm, the next question is, when did this start, and they don't want to answer that. Dates will overlap, and Kristen was very young at the time and probably doesn't want to be treated with a scarlett A. And Rob's no angel either, he started going after not only when she had a bf, but was underaged jailbait. Whatever, water under the bridge now, they seem happy. And legal. LOl

  • amour

    Grazie Taryn for the news. You're the only one that gets it right! We appreciate you! I love them.

  • georgie

    to rita-I think they are out of the closet. they aren't hiding the fact they spend time together. They just don't like getting papped together. It seems he took the front entrance way so he would get papped and then she was able to leave in peace from another exit. So they aren't hiding, they are just not going to talk or define whatever they have going on. makes sense.

  • oniszko2

    They are so cute, I bet before long you will see these to out in the open, I think around the BD promotions you will see this...

  • Rita Steele
    Rita Steele

    why cant they come out of the closet everyone knows they are together

  • carey

    I like how mellow and casual they are.

  • sola

    they are super cute couple, very low key and the exact opposite of the kardashians of the world, who turn every private moment into a paycheck. Gross.