Ali Landry Talks Pregnancy, Her Daughter & More! (PHOTOS)

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Ali Landry is currently expecting her second child, and just like any expectant mommy, she knows how important it is to make sure your skin stays soft and stretch mark free!

That’s why she decided to team up with Palmer’s lotion to get the word out about their new and improved lotion!

Celebuzz chatted with the mom about how her pregnancy is going and much more!

Tell me a little bit about your involvement with Palmer’s.
It’s the launch of Palmer’s new formula for stretch mark lines. I just shot everything and it was incredible. We’re doing the commercial and print campaign. I bared my belly for Palmer’s. It was really liberating and I was really proud to do that.

You have a daughter and now you’re expecting. Do you know if it’s a boy or a girl yet?
Yes, I do. Right now we’re not really saying anything, though. We’re keeping it secret for family and friends. It’ll be a surprise.

Is your daughter excited?
She is. She’s really excited. She knows there’s a baby coming and that she’s going to be my little helper. We’ll wait and see because she’s used to having all the attention and now she’s going to have to share it.

Have you thought of names?
Yes. We have a name picked out.

How would you compare the pregnancies? What’s different this time?
I have more energy during this pregnancy. My body is carrying this pregnancy a little bit differently. I’ve been craving more and have been a little more nauseous this time around. I really do enjoy being pregnant.

How far along are you now?
I have about four weeks left to go.

What was shooting like?
We shot in Los Angeles so the heat definitely played a factor. My body was running about 10 or 15 degrees hotter than everyone else, so I was really warm. I had a little fan trailing behind me and following me. Hopefully in the weeks to come it’ll cool off a little bit.

If you could schedule one playdate for your daughter with another celebrity, who would you choose?
I have a lot of celeb mom friends that like to get together and hang out with the kids. I’d really enjoy getting together with a mom that I really admire like Maria Shriver. I would love to sit down with her for a second and talk to her. I don’t know who I’d pick, though.

You’re daughter is four, but do you already have a hint as to a role she’d play growing up?
Something we really try to do is expose her to a lot of things and see what they’re really into.

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