Celebuzz Gets ‘Excused’ by New Dating Show Host Iliza Shlesinger (PHOTOS)

Fall TV Guide: 2011
What's on TV this week?
Have you been Excused? The new CBS dating show is like no other! 

With the show’s big debut tonight (see listings), the premiere promises that “rejection has never been funnier.” Based on the answers the show’s host Iliza Shlesinger shot back, if the contestants don’t do it for you, her hilarious approach to dating will!

Celebuzz dives in to find out what makes this show tick — plus you can take a peek at some of tonight’s male contestants in our gallery. Who would you excuse?   

Can you explain the premise of the show and how it works?
It’s a show about first impressions. Two single guys (or girls) sit in a house and members of the opposite sex come to the front door and say, into the security camera, why they should be let in. Then the two singles decide if they want to let them in or excuse them. That’s where I come in. I’m the one that has to actually tell them, in a funny way, if they are excused or allowed in. Once inside, we watch packages on each of the four and the two singles excuse two more, based solely on their second impression. Again, I get to be funny and excuse them. Then the two guys and two girls then go out on dates, and again, the two singles we started with excuse one more. Now the remaining girl goes on two one-on-one dates with each guy and the twist is she gets to excuse one of them — then there’s a surprise at the end, but you’ll have to watch to see. It sounds complicated, it much easier if I draw you a diagram.

What are some of the best pick up lines you’ve heard contestants use?
To me, there are no good pick up lines. A pick up line is a pick up line. Really, since it’s a first impression, the best thing you can do is be hot and not be a douche bag — that usually gets the ladies. Taking your shirt off helps.

The worst?
Oh where do I start? Girls like to say they are looking for a guy who can spoil them — and that makes the guys cringe. Girls need to quit doing that. Anytime guys rhyme, it’s annoying. Like, no one finds it funny that you rhymed “single” and “mingle.” You say that and the girls are gonna be like “cool, you’re bald and we’re appalled.”

What is your advice to those seeking love on the show (or for those seeking love with people from the show)?
Rule of thumb, just be yourself. If you suck, then do your best to imitate someone cool.

What is one thing you’d have to “excuse” someone for?
I only get one?!? If a guy fell on a date, I would get uncomfortable. I’d probably have to walk away at that point. I also can’t stand improper grammar, nothing worse than butchering the English language out of ignorance. If he, at any point in the relationship, wore a bathrobe, that would be grounds for a breakup. I also can’t stand leather sandals or wearing your phone in a holster, that’s like what dads do. I’m also not impressed by you being able to buy bottle service. On that note, if you wear any shirt with a dragon emblem, glitter, studs, Old English writing — any of that garbage — it’s a no go. Other than that, I’m pretty open minded.

Do any of the contestants get naughty/makeout/require a censor box?
[Well] they’re not Amish. I’ve only seen two shows where someone got naked and that required a censor blur. But I feel like, even in real life, it would require a censor blur, because their bodies did not look good.

Were there any fights or dramatic arguments? 
I saw one girl slap a guy. She wasn’t the brightest, but he was one of the least attractive men I’ve ever met, physically and personality wise, and he was just mind numbingly insolent and had it coming. We also had one girl lose her mind when an attractive guy excused her. She had had a little too much to drink and just didn’t take the rejection well. She screamed, knocked things over and went on a rampage looking for him. Emotion can be a beautiful thing, emotion and vodka cranberry can be, well, it can be good TV.

The show clearly has a sense of humor, can you give us one of the funniest moments that stands out for you?
Every show has funny moments! Some really great moments get cut out of the show and we put them online [on Facebook]

What are some “deal breakers” everyone should know before trying to get on Excused?
People on dating shows don’t wanna know that you’re a virgin. It’s great and all, but it’s uncomfortable. So hide that factoid. Also, don’t cry — at least not on the first date. You can always save it for the second date, or the wedding.

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