First Look: Megan & Liz Debut ‘World’s Gunna End’ (VIDEO)

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Celebuzz interviews the YouTube sensations.
Celebuzz is thrilled to bring you a fresh new music video from Megan & Liz

Internet sensations and twin sisters Megan & Liz are back with a brand-new video for their single “World’s Gunna End,” and we have the exclusive! The song stems from a hoax earlier this year that was perpetuated by a religious group claiming the end of days were upon us. The sisters explain: 

“We had a writing session scheduled on the day that, supposedly, the world was supposed to end, May 21st, 2011. So we met up with our co-writer, and awesome guy named Chris Sernal, and we all decided that hey, since the world is supposed to end today, let’s write a song about it!”

That’s how “World’s Gunna End” was created!

“As for the video,” they add, “It was so  much fun to shoot. We literally got in video director Casey Culver’s car and went around Nashville looking for locations. We stopped at so many places to get the effect we wanted, and we got a lot of strange looks in some the locations.. but that is half the fun of making a music video! This song is one of our personal favorites, and we are so happy to finally share it to the world!”

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