Jane Lynch Talks Emmys & ‘Glee’: ‘I’ll Be There as Long as They Want Me To’

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Celebuzz had the pleasure of chatting with Jane Lynch Sunday night at Audi’s Emmy kick-off party at Cecconi’s, and Jane talked about her double duty coming up on Emmy night. The Glee star (and last year’s Emmy winner) will be hosting Sunday’s show and she is also a nominee again.

“I’m not thinking about it!” Lynch told us about what her mindset will be like Emmy Sunday. “That’s how I separate it. I do like I do  in life — I compartmentalize and never the two shall never meet.” 

“I’m nervous for all of it,” she added, “but I mean the thing that looms the largest and I’m most nervous about is the hosting.”

Now: onto her mega-hit show. Jane gave us the lowdown on the new season, and how long she sees herself on Glee.

“You know, although Sue Sylvestor is not aimed right at the Glee club this season, she’s still her warrior self,” Lynch says about what we can expect from her character this season.”She’s not going to change her stripes, she’s going to just broaden her attack.”

There has been a lot of confusion about what characters will be back after season three, so we asked Jane how long she sees herself sticking around:

“I’m contracted to be on that show for quite some time! I’ll be there as long as they want me to.”

But just because Jane stars on the show, doesn’t mean she isn’t a genuine fan of Ryan Murphy’s creation, too.

“I really do love the show,” Lynch told us. “I watch it with my kids! We love it.”

“It’s so funny, I am not their favorite character! My daughter Haden loves Jayma [Mays]. Loves her character Emma. Loves her. Like out of her mind loves her. When she’s on set and walks by Jayma’s trailer she’s wide-eyed and touches the door,” laughed Jane. “I think Haden is a little OCD herself!”

So is there anyone who gets the Emmy and Golden Globe winner star-struck herself?

“Oh yes! I’m star struck right now looking around this room. The thing is, you start to see celebrities are just real people. One of the things I notice, is that when someone acts star struck around me I just want them to get over it, and be comfortable, so I try to give that same courtesy to other stars. Or at least hide it!”

Inside the bash at Cecconi’s Jane and her wife were all smiles mingling with fellow nominees like Bridesmaid’s star Melissa McCarthy, Elisabeth Moss, and Modern Family stars Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.