Kendall & Kylie Jenner Answer More of Your Questions! (VIDEO)

Kendall & Kylie Video
The girls answer readers' questions! Watch »

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are taking more reader questions!

In their latest segment, the girls give advice about following in their footsteps and also talk about what inspires them.

"People inspire me," Kendall says. 

"Like family," adds Kylie.

The girls also talk about work out routines- they both stick to running!

Check out the video above to hear what K & K have to say.



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  • jessicadalyxo

    where was your favourite vacation? who is your favourite singer? when are you next coming to the uk? i love you, and your family :D xxxxxxxx

  • shauna97

    Have ye ever been to Ireland ? :)

  • roseloveskendallandkiley

    what are your favorite brands? :)

  • alexis001

    Where did kylie get her cartilage chain earring ?. (:

  • Ines

    heeyyy guysss! so i have a couple of questions uhmm.. 1) where do you guys get your dresses for like premiers and places like tht.. 2) how do u do ur makeup..and hair? 3) will u ever visit san francisco? thanksss! thats all for now :)

  • Birna

    -if you could travel to whatever country in the world where would you go ? - what is your favorite websites ? -what type of phone to you own ? hope you like my questions :D Birna from Iceland ! :)

  • Iselin


  • Iselin

    -What do you do in the weekend? -How is it to be a celeberty? -What kinda music do you listen to/ like ? -Where does you bye your clothes? Sorry for bad english, im from Norway and is not so good :) I love your styles!!