Kylie & Kendall Jenner Get Ready for NYC Fashion Week (PHOTOS)

In just a few hours, Kylie Jenner will officially be a Fashion Week model.

But until then, she's just a gal out and about in New York City, killing time with her sister Kendall before her big debut in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. She'll be hitting the runway for Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn fashion show on Monday night, and Miss Lavigne -- who just so happens to be dating Kendall's half-brother Brody Jenner -- was psyched for the big reveal, saying on Twitter:

Excited for @KylieJenner to model and rock the runway at my @AbbeyDawn fashion show today!!!
Kendall has been working the modeling world like a pro recently, so to see her sis Kylie get in on the action is great. Be sure to stay tuned to, as we'll be live on the ground from Kylie's big Abbey Dawn show on Monday night, and then we'll be there when Kendall hits the runway for Sherri Hill on Wednesday Sept. 14!



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  • angel

    why? with you talking like that shows that you're jealous, girl. if ppl have money, why not. she can choose anything she wants.

  • Kandra

    Abuse money? If people have money, they can choose to spend it how they want. Who are you? Besides, it could be a gift.

  • laura

    Kendall looks pretty as always

  • Nora

    That is disgusting! why is she carrying a berkin? people who abuse money.

  • Nora

    I hope thats not an Hermes bag in kylies hand.

  • adetola

    Love kylie she is going to b a good model

  • johnmichael24

    They look hot already with the clothes there wearing and kendall and kylie, good luck.

  • Elle

    Abbey Down is a Halloween costumes store

  • carly

    Yeah but just because Avril is her brother's girlfriend... and seems like they don't have school because its monday and they'll be there till wednesday for Kendall runway -.-'

  • Sarah

    I like Kylie but i'm not a big fan of "Abbey Down" not my style... but I'm exited to see Kendall hitting the runaway for Sherri Hill I just looooove her dresses the most amazing ones.... and expensive ones too haha

  • booo

    ugh you guys are idiots Kylie is walking in the Abbey Dawn show, not Kendall..