Nicki Minaj's Colorful Look: Yay or Nay? (PHOTOS)

Nicki Minaj is known for her, uh, interesting fashion choices, but even this look has us scratching our heads.

The 28-year-old recording artist showed up to Monday's Carolina Herrera Spring 2012 fashion show wearing a top made out of colored balls, a matching neon pleated skirt and green-and-pink leggings. To top it all off, Nicki did her blonde hair up in a noticeably tall beehive. (We can only imagine what Nicki's seatmate, Anna Wintour, was thinking when she saw her look.)

Is Nicki's colorful top daring - or devastating? Check out our gallery now and make the call in the comments below.



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  • ssstephanie

    nicki minaj and anna wintour...wonder if she approves :P

  • Shanice09

    Nay definitely!!!!!!!!!!she's in need of a professional stylist!!!!!

  • Hater

    If Lady Gaga had that shit on you'd all be like "oooo omg she's so awesomeeeee" I'm so sick of this "look at me, I'm so unique" bullshit. Whoever this bitch is, Kesha, Lady Gaga..attention seeking morons. All of them. You think Lady Gaga was the first person to dress like an idiot to get attention? Hell no!

  • Pinkett

    Da bitch tried copyin lil kim n now itz gaga.. BARBIES - Bum Ass Replica Bitch Imitating Everyone Swag... No originality der, dum bitch

  • Sin

    No matter what she is wearing, she still has no talent. She is a prime example of what screwing those in charge can do for you.

  • jack

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  • ashhhulee

    I think she's a lot prettier when she is dressed normally.

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    I may not care for what she wears, but I do appreciate her originality. Kind of like Lady Gaga, or Madonna back in the day.

  • Anni-Sum Serious Whitt
    Anni-Sum Serious Whitt

    remind me of gumballs... yum . Seems Lady gaga-ish to me. is Nicki wearing food now too?

  • Nickel Aho
    Nickel Aho

    she needs to stop trying to be lady gaga. lady gaga pulls it off, nicki cannot and needs to stop. her outfits are just terrible.

  • Regina S. Charles
    Regina S. Charles

    haterZ....itZ diff so wgaf? She has her own style I aint one to judge so go on wit ur baD azZ NicKi

  • scheniece rodney
    scheniece rodney

    She looks so ridiculos.Its like all her fashion sence has fallen off somewhere an she didn't know where it fell....Nikki Ʊ have a fashion trend PLZZ use it.

  • Claire White
  • sin

    It is easy to determine. If it involves Minaj it is trash. No style, especially no TALENT.

  • danielleakame

    looks like she went into a preschool and asked them to make her an outfit...ehhh

  • Chico

    This bitch is so WACK.