Ryan Gosling Shares a Hug Before Leaving Toronto (PHOTOS)

Hot Ryans!
Which one reigns supreme?
Whoever Ryan Gosling is bidding farewell to in Toronto, Canada, she’s one lucky lady! The actor embraced a female friend (possibly his mom) before hitching a flight back to the states following the premiere of his movie Ides of March at the Toronto Film Festival.

Dressed in a gray getup, black baseball cap and sunglasses, Ryan was hard to miss despite his attempt to go incognito. This outfit was a definite change from his sleek suit he wore on the red carpet.

Dressed in a dapper tan suit, Ryan stepped out with his mother on his arm at the premiere. Ides puts Gosling co-starring alongside George Clooney, and is a political thriller where Gosling has to choose sides in helping candidates on the presidential trail. It’s slated to open on October 7.

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