Who's the Hottest Armani Underwear Model: Rihanna, Victoria Beckham or Megan Fox? (POLL)


Armani is giving us some more eye candy and unveiled Rihanna's sexy new ads for their underwear and jeans campaign this morning. In the pics, she shows off her rocking bod, starring sexily into the camera -- and joins a slew of other sexy stars like Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham, who have striped down for the brand.

So how do you think she stands up to the previous women who have fronted the campaign? Vote in the poll and leave a few comments.

RiRi has always caused a double take by onlookers, whether on the red carpet or if even if it’s just stepping out for lunch.

During her Barbados vacation, the 23-year-old singer made heads turn when she wore a racy red outfit to the Kadooment Day parade. She channeled her inner showgirl for the wild event, showing off as much skin as possible.



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  • deee

    megan fox of course then victoria but rihana dosent look cute at all !

  • Claire

    Rihanna looks like she will swallow someone victoria needs to get some meat on that body

  • nicola richards
    nicola richards

    I pic megan fox..rihanna look like a wet rat r something and posh need something I just can't put my fingers on it lol

  • courtneybaaaby

    sorry but rihanna hair looks horrible on her, i miss her long hair, i do like her hair short, but in this photo its not styled to look good, but thats only my opinion, now victoria beckham her stomach looks weird, her belly button looks really high up haha, not my thing, but megan fox, wow that girl is beautiful, beautiful hair, best body, she takes most peoples breaths away, and all the people in the world who thinks she ugly, grow up, fuck shes beautiful as, and you would wish you looked like her, dont hate cause you aint, but over all, they all look beautiful.

  • kevmo

    megan is by far the hottest. she may be a loser, but she wins the hotttie award. vics is hot too, and rhianna is pure ghetto hoochie

  • kandy

    Riri's blonde wig does her no justice.makes her look boyish and that's nt what we lookin for in sexy.megan Is ok but mrs beckham takes my vote cos she's older than all two plus a mom.

  • Fred

    I'll go with megan! She is juz smooth&relax in her sexiness:)

  • jessica

    When Victoria posed for Armani she already gave birth 3x and her body looks amazing. If Megan Fox have a body like that after 3 kids my vote goes to her. As for Riri the pic doesn't really look she looks like a tramp with saggy boobs. sorry.

  • stanp

    If you can't say something nice.....Don't say anything at all! Thumpers Mother

  • Keith Whitby
    Keith Whitby

    haha megan is clowning posh and ri ri megan 64% victoria 27% rihanna 8% (lol embarrasing)

  • Hanne

    Rihanna!!!!! Shes the hottest of all of them!!! Bur she have to trash the blonde wig

  • Silvia

    Victoria !! Amazing

  • surendra.pvv

    ofcourse victoria becham...

  • Barbie

    Definitely have to go with Megan, gorgeous face + smokin bod = full package!

  • Gloria


  • Alix Verriest
    Alix Verriest

    WOW Fantastic Victoria, and that after having kids YUMMYYYYYYYYYYY

  • Alexandra

    I'll go with Victoria. She has the powerful Armani look.

  • Jamee

    Victoria looks nasty thin. She needs to eat a big mac or something!

  • carl

    Victoria Beckham of course!!! She's beautiful while "RiRi" looks like a dirty, rag-tag slut and Megan Fox is just a stupid pig with no class.

  • sandrA

    Riri got a lil thickness at least. Victoria looks nasty!!

  • sandra

    They are all too skinny