Buff Chris Evans Makes a Grocery Run (PHOTOS)

Evan Captain America needs to buy groceries!

Chris Evans was seen in LA running some errands on Tuesday, and looked hunky in a tight shirt, sunglasses and hat.

It looks like he is enjoying some time off!

Chris has been hard at work filming The Avengers in Ohio with Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr and many more.



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  • Yusuf

    I don't think either cmosute looks "modern" they both have very old school (and by that I mean 1940's) elements. The second poster would be vastly superior (due to the shield's presence) if not for the much agreed upon head tilt which makes zero sense in any way. I can appreciate the artistry of the posters though, the creator has great talent, unfortunately it only solidifies my opinion that they are casting the wrong guy for Cap. Even if Evans could some how bulk up enough (I think the proportions are spot on in the posters) he just doesn't have the look; in the face.

  • Nahuel

    Kathy Souza - Erin,Your pictures are fbuolaus, and we are so pleased! You really caught the magic between this very special couple and all of the different facets of the celebratory moments in their special day. You did it all without our ever being aware that you and Coco were shooting photos all day! Thank you!Kathy (Mom of the Bride)