Darren Criss, Kristen Wiig Spotted on ‘Imogene’ Set (PHOTOS)

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Did you know he plays the kazoo?!?
Glee hottie Darren Criss was seen on the set of his new movie, Imogeon, Tuesday afternoon alongside costar Kristen Wiig.

Darren was looking pretty casual in a button-down shirt and jeans, while Kristen appeared to be dressing like it was still the 1980s, wearing a purple-and-green polo and pink converse sneakers.

In the film, which is currently filming in Manhattan, Kristen plays a down-and-out woman who returns to live with her mom in Jersey after a failed suicide tempt. After unsuccessfully trying to win over her ex-boyfriend, she catches the eye of Darren’s character, thus making her the envy of every Glee fan in the world.

Will Darren be able to make the big leap from the small to big screen? Only time will tell. In the mean time, check out these latest photos from the set of Imogene now.