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AJaron Onyx Ring Giveaway
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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

As Beyonce once said, “If you like it, then you should have put a ring on it.” Well, we here at Celebuzz love our fans, that's why we're teaming up with fine jeweler A. Jaron to bestow a sparkly gem onto one lucky reader!

The A. Jaron "Candy Bar" onyx ring is crafted with fine Swarovski crystals and sterling silver--retailing at $149. A. Jaron's head-turning accessories have already bedazzled the likes of Melissa Joan Hart, Kelly Ripa, Sharon Stone, and Jaime Pressly

So, what are you waiting for? Now it's your turn to own some red carpet-worthy bling!

Here’s how to enter our giveaway: ‘Like’ us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, then leave us a comment telling us what color ring you would like to win (white or black onyx) and why you should win it. PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway closes on Tuesday, September 20th at 9 AM ET. Good luck!


Be sure to check out A. Jaron on Twitter and Facebook!



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  • Amanda Jaron
    Amanda Jaron THANKS for the amazing reply! Be sure to LIKE A JARON FINE JEWELS for more giveaways!!! Amanda

  • Yaritza M. Rivera
    Yaritza M. Rivera

    I CANNOT get over how beautiful the black onyx ring is! This is a MUST have for me! I commented it earlier ^^^ but I seriously cannot contain my desire for it!

  • Yaritza M. Rivera
    Yaritza M. Rivera

    I have followed you on Twitter (@Karma5o4) & have 'liked' you on Facebook. I would LOVE to win the Black Onyx ring! This ring can pretty much accentuate just about ANY article of clothing I'd wear! This would be my everyday MUST have! GO ahead celebuzz, I've received my bronze commentator badge, now "put a ring on it" ! LOL

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    I'd like to win the black ring because it suits my style better than the white.

  • dropastitch

    Black onyx. Because I have a big birthday coming up soon (cough cough we're talking big, ugh) and this would be a great bauble to commemorate the big day.. following you on FB as Amy Rouse and on Twitter as @dropastitch

  • Shannon Knowles
    Shannon Knowles

    I love jewelery so much and these A. Jaron rings are too die for! Both colors look amazing - So expensive and glam! I would love to win the black onyx. I have super white skin so i think the black would really stand out and this ring NEEDS to stand out as it is so beautiful! Love it!!

  • Kimberly B.
    Kimberly B.

    I Like you on Facebook and follow you on twitter. @winsome6 I like the white one. I should win it because I don't have anything this nice and it would go with so many things. It would be the "icing on the cake" to complete my outfit.

  • chuajenny

    I want the white one, because the totally look would be so pure, feminine, yet reach-less (I mean, the beautiful moment). it is so Goddess look-alike.

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas
    Mina Di Marco Rosas

    Im not much of a jewelery collector but i think its time i start making a little bit of a change and start becoming more fashion forward. I promised myself on my 24th bday to do more for myself and find myself again after having 2 kids and being married for almost 6 years. What a great way to start this journey but with this ring. I love the black color ring :)

  • Amani Deen
    Amani Deen

    I would love to win the white onyx ring because it's a perfect pop of color :]

  • Yasmin Muse
    Yasmin Muse

    I would love to win the black onyx ring because it would go perfect with all my fall outfits! :)

  • Rachel Soria
    Rachel Soria

    Both of the rings are beautiful! I love Swarvoski rhinestones, I rhinestone almost everything that I can! Cell phone, ipod, shirts and shoes. One of these rings would be a great addition to the other rhinestoned items that I have!

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    I would love to win the white ring! I don't own very many rings and this is so STYLISH and GLAMOROUS! I would feel like a princess wearing this! LOL

  • Denisha Peterson
    Denisha Peterson

    i love the black ring and i should win it because it would look amazing with my wardrobe and i am looking for more awesome jewelry to add to my collection.

  • fms1291

    I would LOVE to win the black one! I should win because the only ring I have in my collection right now is my class ring and I think it's time to give that one a rest! Haha

  • Cvijete Vlašica
    Cvijete Vlašica

    i want the white!!! =) so perfect por spring here!

  • xxxkarinaxxxx

    the white one would be awesome to win and I should win it because I only have one ring and I could use the splash of color on my hand.

  • elenandra

    I would love to win the white one!I want to win it for my mom,she has been through so much this year that this ring would certainly lift her mood up,and on my student budget I surely can't afford to buy her one!

  • La Mora
    La Mora

    Who am I kidding - I would love EITHER! But, if forced to choose, it would be the black onyx ring.

  • chelyea

    The white is great, but the black is my favorite. I would love to win because I stopped wearing rings after accidentally scratching my daughter with one while she was a baby. Now my girls are older and my ring collection is... nonexistent. This would be an amazing first piece.

  • Lisa Aukstinaitis
    Lisa Aukstinaitis

    Without a doubt I'd go with black! I can wear it with a suit to work or a dress on date night or even a pair of jeans on the weekend. It's the perfect statement ring that my middle finger craves! (@l_marille)

  • mntnml

    They are both so unique and sophisticated, but I would say the white one. I'm wanting to change up my style this winter and want a few statements pieces. It would be so great when friends or people in general ask where I got to say I won it by entering Celebuzz contests. I just love Celebuzz!

  • ambermiller86

    I'd LOVE to win the white onyx. It's SO different from any other rings that you see, and I'd LOVE to wear this to work and just out and about to see what people have to say about it! It's BEAUTIFUL!

  • danielleakame

    i would love to win the white onyx it is stunningly beautiful. what a ring. and i would love to win because it is sterling silver and i could wear this ring! I'm allergic to everything else so i don't have many rings i can wear that are that beautiful!

  • jesspynk

    I would love to have the black onyx. I have always loved black onyx. It just looks so classic but yet flashy.

  • twinklemepink06

    I meant to say white agate*

  • twinklemepink06

    I would want the white onyx style for a sophisticated, professional look this winter season. I should win this because I love Aurora Borealis swarovski crystals!

  • emorgan223

    if i won i'd love the black onyx because everyone needs a statement ring like that!

  • Tracy (@rosenfie)
    Tracy (@rosenfie)

    I'd love the black one. When my husband was one of 3 single guys left out of his friends, my girlfriends used to corner him and sing "Put a Ring on It" at every wedding. They had my back ;)

  • Michela Molteni
    Michela Molteni

    I'd definitely love to win the black one! And I should be the winner because that piece would be the perfect one I'd show my family to stop the 'what about getting a boyfriend?' questions of their : a boyfriend would never buy me such a lovely ring =p

  • Liza Sanchez
    Liza Sanchez

    black one, so sexy...

  • Courtney Lynn Kozloski
    Courtney Lynn Kozloski

    I would like to win the white ring! I just got a beautiful pair of white heels for my birthday and the white ring would be the perfect accessory to match! Its different and fun and I love having pieces that no one else has!

  • rebeldegurl1991

    i would like to win the black one i am obsessed with rings i love how they look and especially since i work with computers all day it would look great when im typing.

  • wheat636

    I would love to win the white one! I've been looking for neutral accessories to brighten up casual neutral looks. This one would be the perfect amount of class and bling to pull together a muted outfit.

  • tina41

    black one is to die for!!! i want it soo much!! :D

  • Cindy Batchelor
    Cindy Batchelor

    I like on fb and follow on twitter @ladyboarder9669 I'd love it in white! So pretty!!

  • Linda Bundrick
    Linda Bundrick

    I love the white onyx ring it is unique and gorgeous. I would love to win this ring to replace the diamond engagement ring I have lost ..this would be such a stunning ring to wear.

  • sameve

    I would love the white one! I don't have any bling, so I definitely need this!

  • michellemarie

    I would love to win the black one! It's just a fun ring and i would love to add it to my wardrobe!

  • memommon

    I'd love the black one! I am very into semi precious stone jewelry so much so that we named our silver and black German Shepherd Oynx! I really NEED this ring!!

  • Arianna Jimenez
    Arianna Jimenez

    I would like to win the white one because I wear a lot of light coloured clothing and this would make it look amazing!

  • Ilze Čūriška
    Ilze Čūriška

    I would like to win the black one. And to win this ring would be great because i haven't won anything in my life so far.

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    This ring is gorgeous! I would love to win the black ring because I wear a lot of black and it would be a great accessory!

  • Sharareh D. Drury
    Sharareh D. Drury

    I'd get the white one for a friend of mine, Jessica. She's been out of college for a couple years and trying to find a job in the entertainment industry. I think this ring would be a classic piece of jewelery for her to have and wear to interviews and events!! Her birthday is coming up so it'd be a perfect gift!!

  • Colleen Boudreau
    Colleen Boudreau

    I love the white one!

  • Monique Pratt
    Monique Pratt

    Hmmm... I like the black one! It looks fierce... like me! :) I think I should win because I need some new jewelry to update my wardrobe! :)

  • jennyjazz

    I would LOVE to have the white onyx ring because it looks so unique! I live on a pretty tight budget (like so many others) and so would love to win this and show off with everything I wear : ) Thanks A. Jaron and Celebuzz for the opportunity! *crossing fingers*