Kylie Jenner Gushes About Her Runway Debut at Avril Lavigne's Fashion Show

Kylie Jenner made her catwalk debut at New York Fashion Week yesterday, walking in Avril Lavigne's Abbey Dawn show. The 14-year-old half-sister of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian strutted down the runway looking like a punk rock princess in a series of looks -- including a black mini-dress with a ballerina tutu.

She walked down the runway like a pro to cheers and high-fives from her sisters, along with Brody Jenner and Kris Humphries, who all sat in the front row. Following the show, Kylie was ready to explode with excitement. "It was so much fun. I had the best time. I'm obsessed and can't wait for my next show," Kylie gushed to Celebuzz, admitting she wasn't nervous thanks to the support from her family.

After the show, big sister Kim tweeted about the debut, writing:

"Just left @AvrilLavigne's fashion show w my lil sis @KylieJenner walking in it! She was so fab!"
Kim was also spotted at the event clenching a Neurosonic drink, likely to ensure she could pay full attention to her superstar sister!

Up next, sister Kendall will make her big debut in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Wednesday. Be sure to stay tuned to, as we’ll be live on the ground when Kendall walks the catwalk during for Sherri Hill on Sept. 14!



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  • zazzzz

    would u like a fkn kick to the head mate? shes got a goood fkn body dipstick.

  • Amy

    I think both girls looked absolutely fabulous!!!!! They did a great job! & to those ppl who say they are to young or ect... Your wrong! They have a great support system & they seem like really sweet girls! & why shouldn't they go for their dreams!? Isn't that what we want to instill, in our kids!? They are beautiful , young, & haveing fun! I say," you go girls! You both are beautiful & smart & talented! Don't let the jealous ppl get to you! Have fun! & keep on following your dreams! :)

  • Rabee

    She look absolutely gorgeous like her sisters. Go on girl!!!

  • everlyne

    i think she looks rily nyc and a good influence to her peers she followed her dreams. congrats!!!

  • b

    Umm, she's 2 young 4 all this shit

  • Alycia

    She looks a lot like Khloe : )

  • roxie whitted
    roxie whitted

    She looked awesome and is a beautiful model lml work that runway lml

  • LaShonta Jackson
    LaShonta Jackson

    Way to go girls keep up the good work!

  • mb

    Victoria Secret models are just as skinny now as high fashioh runway models. they just pose strategically to try to make themselves look voluptous, but they are not. jutting hips and padded bras, imo. models should have bodies like Monica Belluci or Sophia Loren (back in the day) none of this pre pubescent look. can't stand it.

  • Lolaa

    I really would like to see what any of you look like?? I was taught that if someone talks bad about others its to help you must be unattractive or jealous of what they are/have...GEESHH get a life because I am pretty sure Kourt could care less what you think of her!

  • twilight-lover

    she is not fat

  • miss jinny
    miss jinny

    shes gettin fatter!! watch ur weight kylie

  • miss jinny
    miss jinny

    Kylie is getting fatter

  • Monique Pratt
    Monique Pratt

    Such a beautiful family!

  • barbi

    I don't know which is your problem guys!! kylie is thin maybe isn't her angle but she is thin! kendall at the age of 13 it wasn't like now IT ALL and definitely they are different, kendall is for like high fashion but kylie will be kind of victoria secret's body , like a better version of kim and c'mon what do you want? that she become an anorexic or bulimic girl? they are gorgeous ! I mean look her bikini body!

  • johnmichael24

    Every photo I see of them look so sexy.

  • Mayra rodriguez
    Mayra rodriguez

    Well I love ur show and khloes and my kids do tlo.i hope some dah my bby girl is a super model like yall...

  • sin

    In the very 1st photo, she looks too much like the wookie. Poor girl. She never had a chance.

  • Theresa... Bham, al.
    Theresa... Bham, al.

    Omg Yea.. Yes she duz luk alil on khloes side! How sad :( Well 2 outa 5 ain't bad haha

  • Mel

    Yep shes stunnnig!

  • Anon

    I normally love Kourtney's look but WOW this one has to go!

  • Anon

    Gorgeous! I lover her dress!

  • Anon

    She must hate that Kris doesn't care about fashion. Obviously. Look at his outfit in every picture.

  • Anon

    Those girls outshine Kim by FAR!

  • Anon

    And they're both idiots!

  • Anon

    Is Kris not wearing a wedding ring??

  • Lily

    Kylie needs to start watching what she eats... Unless she wants to look like Khloe

  • Ashley heraldo
    Ashley heraldo

    Bitch dont hate appreciate

  • Diana Reyes
    Diana Reyes

    Dont Really Like it. But You Are Really Beautiful Anyways.

  • Kelly

    She always pulls this weird face... not being mean but shes the least pretty of her sisters





  • Daddy O
    Daddy O

    The last thing Kylie needs is more accolades. She is such a spoiled brat, she learned from the other Kardashians how to curse, lie, manipulate, and disrespect their parents. That's why I don't let my kids watch the show.

  • danielleakame

    oh nooooo those eyebrows need to go. not a good look. frowwww

  • lmw931

    i think they are all pretty i LOVE kourtneys outfit

  • Fanny Crespoo Cedeño
  • HAHA

    Kim forgot to take the sticker off her shoooees ...

  • Jessica Potts
    Jessica Potts

    A pop of color on the lip would have gone a longgggg way.

  • Kelly

    What is with Kourtney's hair???? dont like at all!!

  • Alli

    Kim and kendall look the best but I still love kourtney style and i want her closet soooo bad

  • Jordin

    Kendall looks like Kim but prettier

  • Racheal

    Her makeup really dosen't suit her face. Its too dark and as for her lipstick it's too pale. Her natural skintone works really well with red lipstick, Nevertheless Kourt always looks stunning but I'm just not feeling this look :/

  • Ale

    Out of all the sisters I think Kendall is the prettiest. Very natural. Kourtney looks horrid!

  • abcd

    kylie has cuter eyes and she's more fun

  • jamminjamrock

    the ugliest kardashian! khole is mad funny n sexy. kim is absolutely gorgeous, ken and kyle are both adorable.

  • Tiffany

    Omg she looks like khloe

  • Felecia

    Go head Kylie.. u looked spectacular..... :)

  • Holly Palumbo
    Holly Palumbo

    Sorry I love Kourtney however that hair do is a hot mess!!!!

  • Courtney Beth
    Courtney Beth

    hm anyone else think she looks like khloe here?

  • jamminjamrock

    ugh she looks so old

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    Now this is NOT nice. I'm sure you can see that. Don't know what happened here.

  • bratty

    kendall is still the prettiest. really.

  • Zak Chewi
    Zak Chewi

    Not loving this look but usually you're amazing!!!!! <3

  • magdalene

    Finally my little angels are hiting t'he spotlight

  • Honey

    Kylie has the same style as Avril... Rebel

  • Honey

    Beautiful Kendall :)

  • Birna

    Kylie look so beautiful !

  • Nicole

    she looks like shytt

  • Nicole

    they have ONE thing in common...... ALWAYS a cell phone in their hand

  • Azure Leigh Beckwith
    Azure Leigh Beckwith

    I love her outfit!

  • Azure Leigh Beckwith
    Azure Leigh Beckwith

    She's ugly just because you don't like her hairstyle? I Think she is gorgeous .. they all are! ..

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    her hair is like her second head lol :DD

  • Iako Mgvdliashvili
    Iako Mgvdliashvili

    i've not seen kourtney this ugly