Model Kendall Jenner Hits the Streets of NYC (PHOTOS)

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No- that's not Kim, Kourtney, or's Kendall Jenner! The 15 year old looks just like her older sisters here as she heads back to her New York City digs.

Sporting a large black handbag, black sunglasses, jeans, and a beige top Kendall channeled her inner Kardashian as she exited her SUV.

Kendall has been in NYC and was front row Monday cheering on her younger sister Kylie who made her runway debut in Avril Lavigne's show.

"I had the most amazing time! Seriously just such a rush," Kylie blogged today. "It also meant so much to me having my family there cheering me on in the front row :)"

Meanwhile, big sister Kim is still enjoying her first few weeks as a married woman, and her wedding was so perfect that she's giving a similar dream wedding package away! Want to enter? Click here to find out how!



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  • charlotte

    Omg,I love kendall she is so pritty and she has an amazing figure I would love to be kim kardashian's sister lots of love kendell xxx

  • luis

    is a very beautiful girl!

  • Anastasia

    I love the kardashian girls I think they are beautiful and are just fab.....But I also think someone should show her the PETA video so she can see how a poor lil animal had to suffer for her fashion... Im not hatin I just think she might think twice next time...

  • Kazi

    I just want to congratulate Kris Jenner on her stunning genes.

  • Sasha

    The beige top is sooooo CUTE!!! love the look!! What's the brand of this beige top???? Anyone can help answer??

  • Kazi

    From the side she could be Kourtney!

  • Petra08Dan

    Kendall siad that she did not want to do that.....

  • taylor

    she looks amazing!! i love those glasses what brand are they??

  • Chelsea


  • i ♥ Kendall n kylie
    i ♥ Kendall n kylie

    U guys are stunning! I think u all look jus like kris lol! Well done girls keep it up mwah!

  • tara

    I think they're both stunnin

  • priscilla

    I think you should shut up and mind your own business cuz that a kourtney and Kim and khloe sister get a life and get the hell out of they life jealous evil which

  • Rihanna Navy
    Rihanna Navy

    Do you really think this is real fur?? Jeez they sell this sh!t at H&M and lots of cheap stores. Get your facts straight!

  • Taylor

    It was a gift from Kim I think for her birthday what you want her to do? throw it in the trash cuz shes too young?c'mon

  • mariam

    she looks just like u kim!

  • LoLo Steelers
    LoLo Steelers

    Theses girls r beautiful an all, and wish my children could have 1/2 the opportunities they have; BUT PLEASE SToP referring to them as Kardashian's!!! They have NO Kardashian in them what so ever! Give credit where credits due, To there father an the Jenner name.

  • lynn

    Rock them

  • Diana

    She is just GORGEOUS! natural beauty 100%... greetings from Costa Rica!!

  • Diana

    Im soooo agree with you!!! i love them all but Kylie and Kendall have their own personality and OMG they are GORGEOUS!!!!

  • Justyn

    Love the Balenciaga bag with what I'm guessing is the Louis Keychain from last year, but it does look she is trying to hard to keep up the family reputation with the labels. She is too young to be sporting a multi-thousand dollar bag...

  • Josie

    I no you'll do awesome have a great day

  • Really?

    Must be nice to have your celebrity sisters get you on a site that one of them has a deal with.

  • Really?

    Must be nice to have your celebrity sisters get you on a cite that one of them has a deal with.

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    In this day and age people are still buying fur? Really? with all the knowledge we have.... for shame.

  • VaneSsa

    Sophisticated <3

  • Alli

    Good luck for tonight on sherri hill fashion show i know you'll do great! :)

  • Gianne

    omg she doesn't look 15 at all shes like a woman so pretty :O

  • mandy

    luv the furrrrr

  • johnmichael24

    Kendall your going to be the hottest runway model I've ever seen, good luck.

  • Jessie

    Cool to see that they wrote "Model Kendall Jenner" and not "Kim Kardashian lil sister" cuz she has her own identity LOL

  • Lola

    i mean dressed up*

  • Lola

    I really like her style so casual she doesn't need to be all dessesd up with a perfect makeup and perfect hairstyle like her sisters... she's a natural beauty

  • TeSs

    She looks so model in these one

  • Mel

    Kendaaallll im excited to see you on runway tomorrow... You look so fab love your style