‘Parenthood’ Star Lauren Graham’s Shares Intense 5-Week Slimdown Secrets

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At 44 years old, Parenthood star Lauren Graham has the body that most 20-year-olds would kill for! However, the brunette beauty still wanted to put her body through a rigorous training regiment, and got the motivation she needed when SELF approached her to be on the cover of their October issue. Lauren then took it upon herself to get into tip-top shape.

Despite consistently running, spinning and hiking, the former Gilmore Girls star wasn’t seeing any vast change in her body and “felt as if my efforts were all for nothing.” Chronicling her 5-week workout for SELF, Lauren instilled the guidance of trainer Michelle Lovitt, and with the use of a heart rate monitor leaned her body for her sexy photo shoot.

She shares what she learned with the magazine in her five-week plan. 

During her first week, Lauren’s 90 minute workouts were longer than her old routine and she could see results:

“I’m running intervals or walking on an incline on the treadmill (from 4 to 7 miles), or hiking (6 miles). My muscles are sore. My feet hurt. And my stomach seems to be flattening!”

It wasn’t as easy as it sounded. As the weeks progressed, Lauren found it difficult to turn down tempting New York style bagel & cream cheeses, and was apprehensive of drinking tons of water, but she stuck it out finding her ‘Inner Diva Warrior’.

“So I train with a friend of Michelle’s, Kacy Duke, who tells me to get in touch with my Inner Diva Warrior. What? Isn’t a diva a singer who throws things at assistants? I think she means to tell yourself you’re worth it. Try it. You’ll feel dumb, but you won’t be sorry.”

After five weeks, Lauren’s hard work paid off as she transformed her body for the cover. But, she did note that when it came to her body, the only person’s opinion that did matter was hers.

“Hopefully, there are loved ones whose opinions you treasure, but in the end, there is no substitute for something you did for yourself that makes you proud. I think that’s what getting in touch with your Inner Diva Warrior really means.”

Pick up a copy of the October issue of SELF when it hits newsstands on September 20. If you can’t wait to see her on SELF, check her out tonight, Sept. 13, in the season three premiere of Parenthood on NBC. 

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