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Sophia Bush on 'Lately'
The actress was seen leaving 'Chelsea Lately.'
As one of the most beautiful women on TV, Sophia Bush understands the pressures of living in the spotlight but refuses to buy into those crazy fad diets. The actress tells Celebuzz that her secret to staying fit is more about indulging than restricting.

“As for the ‘figure’ thing, I just try not to focus on it too much. This business, all those magazines with retouched models and fad diets can make you crazy. I don’t think that living on a regimen is really living! And maybe I could have a tighter this, or a harder that, but really? I just want to be able to enjoy a glass of wine with friends when I want to, and go to yoga or go surfing when I can. Enjoying the moment is my key to happiness!”

Adding to her healthy lifestyle, Sophia credits putting others before herself (and giving back) is just another key to overall wellness and happiness.

Although she has been keeping a low profile since One Tree Hill, Sophia is making charity work a top priority. She has designed a limited edition, the reusable water bottle that filters water as you drink, to raise proceeds in aid of The Nature Conservancy, which aims to protect the lands and waters that plants, animals and natural communities need to survive.

“I became obsessed with bobble a long time ago, and immediately started giving them to family and friends. Once I joined Twitter, I actually wrote a blog about them, highlighting how great they are for the environment and cutting down plastic waste. I find it crazy that people spend so much money on bottled water, when tap water is actually more regulated and tested! I linked the blog to Charity:Water, in an effort to remind people how lucky we are to have access to clean water. A few weeks later I was contacted by the people at bobble, who had made a $1,000 donation to Charity:Water on behalf of my twitter followers as a thank you for the blog! Right then and there I knew that these were great people, who understand that business can be socially conscious and successful. We all met in New York and came up with the idea for The Nature Conservancy bobble,” she explained.

She went straight to the drawing board to find inspiration for a unique design — ultimately ending up with a tri-color filter.

“The idea actually came from the kids’ bobble I’d seen. I loved the multicolored filters. And I knew we could have fun with the idea of “going green” as well as nod toward colors found in nature. It feels great to be reminded, as you sip from the bottle, that you’re helping to preserve your environment. Being a bobble user helps to keep plastic out of landfills. Stopping our use of single serving plastic containers is one of the easiest things we can do to take care of the world around us.”

She hopes her charitable work will inspire her fans — and teens around the world — to give back and understand how influential they can be if they’re passionate about a cause.

“I think it’s good for everyone to give back! I’m particularly moved by the motivation of young people though. There is so much resilience and belief in them. Teenagers want to change the world. And they can. The drive is there. And when you are developing, growing into yourself, and discovering just what it is you want to do in life, what better influence than philanthropy! Developing a passion for the planet, for clean water, for women’s issues around the world, just might lead you to create the next Invisible Children or  Charity: Waterh. That potential is incredible.”

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