The Meet & Greet with ‘90210’ Star Michael Steger: I Don’t Want Any More Actors from the Old Show

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If you’re one of many loyal 90210 viewers, then you’re already be familiar with Michael Steger. The rising star w– ho is known for his role as Navid on the hit CW series — is one of Hollywood’s most talented young actors! He recently took some time to chat with Celebuzz about what’s coming up for his alter ego this next season.

For the people that haven’t had a chance to catch you on 90210 yet, what’s your character like?
Navid is a journalist. He’s the easy-going kid who just graduated high school. He went from wanting to be a journalist to taking over his father’s company that he converted to a production studio. Navid is now at the helm of the business. He’s trying to do everything he can to keep the doors open because his dad was accused of child pornography last season. The entire family fled to Switzerland so now he’s on his own running the business. He also just got out of a relationship with his ex-girlfriend and had a affair with the best friend, which caused a riff in their circle of friends. His ex abandoned him for her career so that led to him being with Silver.

In season three, we saw Navid go from Adrianna to Silver and there was quite a build up for that relationship. What can we expect to see happen this next season?
Navid is still with Silver and the big circle of friends has cut Adrianna off. He has full fledged relationship now, but Adrianna’s on the path of redemption. At this point, no one can trust her.

You mentioned how Navid turned his dad’s company into his own legitimate business. Are we going to see some of the history of the company come back and haunt him?
Yeah, definitely. He wants nothing to do with the old company. There’s a lot attached to it, and Navid is just trying to start fresh.

A lot of the original 90210 cast has made appearances on the show. Who are you still hoping to get a visit from?
I kind of don’t want any more actors from the old show. This is a completely different new show. I want to see new characters come in.

You’ve done both film and television. Is there one you prefer?
I prefer both, but I would say that film allows some more time for creativity. You shoot maybe two scenes in a day and you’re able to have more time for scenes. With television, you’re shooting five or six scenes in one day. It’s much faster. I like a slower pace, but I’ve grown a lot with television.

You’ve also done work in several genres. Is there a dream role you’re hoping for, and who are you dying to work with?
There are definitely people with careers that I admire like Gael Garcia Bernal and Ryan Gosling. They bounce around and I just love the actors that have versatile careers and play different characters.

Don’t forget to catch the 90210 season four premiere tonight at 8 PM on the CW!