Amy Winehouse’s Final Music Video Released (VIDEO)

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On what would be her 28th birthday, Amy Winehouse’s final music video, “Body & Soul” was released on iTunes Wednesday. The late pop star, who sings alongside musical legend, Tony Bennett, is shown recording in London’s Abbey Road Studios back in March. The video shows no special effects or editing, just raw footage of Amy and Tony singing side-by-side. 

All proceeds from the release of the Grammy winner’s song will go directly to The Amy Winehouse Foundation. Both Tony and Amy’s record labels also will be donating royalty fees to the foundation which will benefit special projects and charities. 

On the day of the recording, Amy sat down for an interview about her experiences working with Tony.

Both Amy and her father, Mitch Winehouse, have idolized Tony and Amy explained,  “My dad personally himself, he was like, ‘Oh, it’s only my favorite song in the world you’re going to sing. Oh my God. Do you even know it?’ I’m like, of course I know it, Mitchell, I’m your daughter. Of course I know it.”
Amy seemed to be overjoyed with the final product of the duet explaining, “The ending just worked out, like, perfect…it couldn’t have been better.”

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