Anderson Cooper Goes Shirtless for Snooki Tanning Session (VIDEO)

Anderson's Giggle Fit
Cooper Says He’s ‘always giggled like a schoolgirl.'
Daytime TV just got a little tanner. In a clip from his daytime talk show, Anderson Cooper goes spray tanning with Jersey Shore guidette Snooki. And yes! This means we get to see Anderson shirtless! Even Snooki has to admit, it’s “not bad.”

She does note, however, that Anderson could use a tan. “Oh my God you’re pale,” she quips. 

As for Anderson’s “situation,” he modestly claims he doesn’t have one, but Snooki thinks he looks just fine. We agree!

In order to get proper coverage, ACoop has to get totally undressed and put on a hair net to protect his famous white locks. He cringes a little about wearing it, but eventually agrees. 

Later, he shows off his tan line! 

Earlier today, Anderson debuted his wax statue. While Anderson was impressed that his wax twin captures his every detail perfectly, he admitted he was a little upset about one aspect of his statue.

“I used to think I had salt and pepper hair,” he said, “but seeing this, I realize I have no pepper left!”