Exclusive Jersey Shore Clip: Deena Dances Her Panties Off! (VIDEO)

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It’s almost Jersday, so you know what that means — some Jersey Shore goodness! 

In an exclusive clip just released to Celebuzz, “blast in a glass” Deena proves she’s the ultimate party girl by dancing her panties off. And we mean that quite literally! She dances so hard…her panties slip right down to the floor. 

At least one member of the gang is impressed with her abilities.

“Yo,” Pauly D exclaims. “I’ve never danced my underwear off in my life! She goes hard, I give her credit!” 

The Situation isn’t totally sold, however, saying “Snooki and Deena are the meatballs, and they’re not making it to the sauce.” 

Watch the new episode of Jersey Shore Thursday night on MTV. 

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